Electronic music has gone in a very exciting direction of late, interpolating itself with some of the best parts of Pop music and vice versa, you could go as far as to say that Electronic Music is Pop music at the moment considering the firm grasp it has on the charts, especially during the summer.

With similar producers like Snakehips and Mura Masa linking famous names to make a hit, newcomers UHURU set themselves apart from the crowd by not only having their forward thinking production down to a tee, but all the vocal work is also provided by one half of the duo, Connor Daniel. Along with multi instrumentalist Robert Jones, they have complete control over their finely crafted vision, and is represented in the duo’s name, which means ‘Freedom’ in Swahili.

On the production side of the pairing, Conor shares-

My path into music started when I was trying to produce really experimental, underground, future bass hip hop stuff, but from there I discovered that you can mix all of that into pop music, which is more what we’re pushing towards now.

And you can definitely hear that influence in their production as it’s unlike your stereotypical Pop production and closer to intelligent dance music with so many different elements working in tandem.

It’s hard not to acknowledge the distinctive vocals on their productions as well, the comprehension of the production aspect means that the vocals are perfectly in sync with the ever unfolding production. Conor’s crisp, melodic timbre with its inimitable English flavour is a refreshing change to those that sing against it.

Following up from their recent track Thirsty that became BBC Introducing Solent’s ‘Record of the Week’, the duo share Riddle, which is truly something to behold. Check it out below:

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