Newcomer IMAN caught our ear this week with her poised take on Pop that works a lifetime of Soul, R&B and Electro Pop influences into her signature musical blend.  You hear those influences in both the infectiously groovy instrumental, as well as her voice that conjures imagery of various R&B heavyweights. Latest track Get The Feeling is an ode to a mentor that helped her find the path to the musical journey she finds herself on now.

The London based singer-songwriter was bound to impress, considering she’s already achieved multi-platinum success having shared her songwriting prowess with a handful of major international acts. Striding strong into spotlight as an artist in her own right, IMAN is worth keeping your eyes peeled for.

We caught up with her to get an insight to her artistic process:

Hello IMAN! Thank you for taking the time to speak to us. To start with, in your own words how would you describe your own sound?

Thanks for having me! I’d say my music has influences of electronic, soul with r&b and definitely pop in there. It’s authentic and raw.

Some artistic influences are more apparent than others in your music, but who would say are your main inspirations?

I’m into all types of genres and I find that I gravitate towards voices that have a distinctive tone to them. Great Melody and lyrics are a must for me too. So many UK artists have been my main influence, I find the sound to be a lot less polished and a unapologetic.

What influences your music, musical or otherwise, that we won’t expect?

One time I was half asleep, the tv was on. One of the actors said “sometimes I wish you would” and I woke to that and thought… sweet that’ll be the title of my next song and yes I now have a record which is yet to be released that in fact does go by that name. Some of the things I write about have been inspired by pictures I’ve seen hanging up things I’ve gone through or what friends have experienced.

Can you tell us something about yourself that we won’t know already?

I speak two languages.

We’re loving Get The Feeling, would you be able to add some colour behind the inspiration to the track?

I wrote Get The Feeling about one of the first people that showed me love over my music. She was a teacher at a music college I went to. One time in a lesson she randomly got me to stand up and basically let everyone know how much she rated my songwriting and vocals. That moment stuck with me as up until then I thought I was pretty whack, getting anyone to work with me was like getting blood from a stone and it was affecting my confidence. She was someone I really looked up to so when she said it I knew she meant it and I decided I was going to start believing in my abilities. The same year she passed away and I still remember her and the impact she made on me and wanted to write about that.

What can look forward to from you next?

I have a few of my own releases lined up till mid next year and I have another feature record coming. It’s drum and bass coming out with the mighty NCS records this summer. More on my movements will be posted on my main site

Check out Get The Feeling below:

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