Some the best songs ever written are fuelled by the passion of love and loss, powerful emotions conjure powerful imagery and music is a great outlet for both artist and listener.

23-year-old singer-songwriter Charlee Remitz has that power in the palm of her hands and she applies an overwhelming sense of passion to her music. You can hear it in her beautifully crisp voice, which is flavoured with battle-hardened undertones. She draws strength from the difficult areas of her life as well as spinning an engaging and honest narrative of the everyday.

2015 album Bright White Trims made a name for Charlee, taking inspiration from the likes of Taylor Swift, G-Eazy and Troye Sivan for a cutting edge take on Electro Pop. She compounded her efforts in 2016 with follow up EP Saints Until Fridays but it wasn’t until 2017 where she hit her stride after linking up with new-coming producer Zach Milo. Their synergy is remarkable as they clearly share the same artistic vision, and their latest cut To Tell You The Truth sees the production meet the mood of the vocal performance, with vocals matching the narrative of the lyrics in a perfect flow.

To give an insight into that narrative, Charlee states:

To Tell You the Truth is “What if?” in musical form. A brilliant shade of curiosity. A mystical world you frequent when someone enchants you. A love/hate moment you must cherish before, all too quickly, that enchanting “What if?” becomes “What now?”

Check out To Tell You The Truth Below:

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