There’s a lot of fresh reinvention going on in the pop industry at the moment, it appears the trendy sounds of the last few years are a little overworked. We’re in a moment of uncertainty in terms of where it’ll go next and that provides the perfect opportunity for new artists to step forward and define the new direction.

Someone soon to be leading the pack of new school pop is London based Sam Frankl and he’s stunning listeners with his boundary pushing take on alt-pop. Mixing shimmering soft synths, acoustic drums, grooving guitars and strings, Sam has a timeless vision that explores a whole host of genres that rarely see the light of day in pop music (Bossa nova anyone?). They perfectly collide in his unique atmosphere, and lay down a solid foundation for Sam’s honeyed vocals to shine and his honest delivery could turn any lyrical narrative into a gripping and introspective moment.

Earlier this month Sam shared his Petrichor EP, a trio of releases compiled into one creative concept. Take a listen below and journey through Sam’s mind.

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