Pop music seems to be at a static point at the moment, artists seem to be dubious push boundaries and step out of their comfortable bubble.

Someone not scared to have her voice heard with her triumphant step into the fore is London-born L.A. based singer-songwriter RAIGN. Her battle-hardened voice soars over a luxurious genre fusion that takes flavours from across the musical board, yet retains a distinct sound across each track with her one-of-kind timbre and storytelling mastery. The sound achieved is a dark, mysterious and immersive pop experience often cinematic in its grandeur.

Latest cut Out of Time spins themes of “striking while iron is hot” which delivers this unique message with an indescribable power unmatched by any pop artist in the industry at the moment. RAIGN takes iconic rock themes and takes them down a path untravelled by expressing them in an electronic atmosphere, and just whets our appetite for things to come.

Speaking on Out of Time RAIGN shares “It’s about having a feeling inside that you can do something magical, but you have to move fast or the magic moment will go and if you don’t do it now, you’ll always regret it. Personal alchemy. ”

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