We’re all for artists that take huge pride and passion in the work, or art, that they do – you feel it in the music, and their story is both engaging in and out of the music as it unfolds.

Boston-based Tyler Campbell, known to his contemporaries as Mozado is a talented beat-maker, producer, DJ and all around advocate for creativity in all its avenues. Looking to not only rep his hometown, but unite it in a way that so far is somewhat unexplored, Mozado clearly has an affluence and positivity for the scene that is beyond admirable. Alongside that, he takes tastes of hip hop, electronic, R&B/Soul, jazz, pop and even classical music into his music, so it’s very clear that clear that his open mind extends to every facet of life and creativity.

Read what Mozado had to share below:
I always thought Boston had crazy talent and was underrepresented in the global music scene, especially in hip-hop. Even now our biggest name in hip hop is probably Joyner Lucas who has just blown up in the past couple months. Once I dove into the music world here I got to see how rare collaboration was. The few people in the city collaborating were making songs with one or two longtime friends and that was it. There were pockets of 3 or 4 artists that would work together a lot but Boston had no overall community the way music cities like Atlanta, Nashville, New Orleans, and Toronto do. And because no artists rallied together and everyone was trying to make it themselves there was no movement for music fans in the city to get behind, without looking goofy af. The few artists that did make some waves in the industry were off to LA as fast as they could, for more connections and opportunity. This area has artists you’ve heard of.. John Mayer, Meghan Trainor, Aerosmith, Imagine Dragons (Berklee), Bobby Brown, JoJo.. but no one ever confidently REPS Boston. So I made this to rep Boston and to show people the talent we have to offer. But mainly to show local artists that collaborating is better than doing it yourself, and is the best way to draw attention

Over the past year and a half he’s been dropping remixes, whetting our appetites for his upcoming solo release. From Boston With Love is both a fantastic collaborative project but also a great introduction his forward thinking hybrid sound. Check it out below:

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