A sense of cinematic grandeur has always played a part in powerful music, and can mean the difference between something good and something great. The qualities that most likely come to mind in instances like this are lush strings, huge drums and other elements borrowed from the regular scored soundtrack (I’m imagining pretty much any Lana del Ray song while I write this).

There’s so much that exists outside that typical scope though, and one duo that stands out for their incredible execution of this is New Arcades. Inspired by the nostalgic culture of the 80s and fuelled by vintage synth sounds, they walk the line between retro and contemporary by taking the all the iconic sounds you recognise from that unique and colourful era to the modern day with sharper production and irrefutably catchy songwriting techniques inspired by current indie pop.

The duo returned in September with Hideaway – an emphatic release from them. The emotion burns strong from the outset, and as the track unfolds more layers of musical immersion build around your ears and providing the perfect vehicle for the vocals to match the enhanced emotional character. Everything is masterfully woven together by a firm grip of their craft and is a fantastic introduction to their sound.

Upon first listen your first thought will no doubt be “why haven’t I heard of these guys already?!”. Be on the watch for New Arcades as they release more music as while it’s heavily inspired by cinema, it’s an incredible soundtrack to your day.

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