We recently caught wind of London/Liverpool 4 piece Deliah’s talents through their strikingly powerful alt-pop hit Infinite. A true musical delight with eclectic flavours from across the board, we had to catch up with them to get an insight to the comprehensive creative process.

Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. To start with, how would describe your own sound and how you came to it?

Thanks for having us! We’re a bit rubbish at describing our sound, but we once came out with “it’s like if NAO and Paramore had a baby that was Florence and The Machine was the nannie for”, so I guess we’re sticking with that! It grew from a more R&B place originally, probably because of my voice. However, as we wrote more and more, and decided to produce ourselves, we had all our inspirations come to the fore, so that’s why it’s such a mix of ambient electronic stuff, industrial drums and film score type soundscapes, still with that original R&B seed that we started with.

You walk the line between a handful of styles, but what influences your music as a group that we won’t expect?

I suppose the film stuff, and the heavier Rock stuff. I think my influences of Florence and Stevie Knicks can be heard, even some of Tee’s gospel roots, but the film stuff is more subtle, I think. We’re trying to set a mood for the lyrics in the same way that a film score sets the mood for a particular scene. Then, George and Alex in particular, are into a lot of Metal, which you probably can’t hear in our own songs. However, that wide pallet is definitely one of our handiest tools.

To each of you, can you narrow it down to a song, album or artist that inspired you to start making music?

[Michelle] Tango in the Night by Fleetwood Mac
[George] In Utero – Nirvana
[Tee] Everything Musiq Soulchild touches
[Alex] In The End, and to be honest the whole Hybrid Theory album by Linkin Park
[Michelle] As you can see, pretty eclectic

Can you tell us something about yourselves as a group that we won’t know already?

We’ve been doing our best to get into Dungeons and Dragons for a year or so now and we all have characters that we’ve kept going. If anyone wants to help show us the way, just give us a shout!

What’s next and on the horizon for Deliah?

We have our final single from this trilogy, The Mind’s Eye, coming out in November. Once this chapter is wrapped up we’ve got another couple of stories that we want to tell, in a similar format. I think trilogies work well for us, so more of that in 2019, hopefully just up a level. We also want to focus on touring more, so we’ve got a few irons in the fire for that.

Stream the official video for Infinite that features Megan Walters below:-

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