We recently fell for ALLTHINGSMATA‘s lucid and enticing visuals for his standout alt-indie hit No Fools, and had to catch up with him to better understand his darkly distinctive vision. Shrouded in a mysterious allure, every stage of this release is triumph and with only three songs to his name – keep an eye on this poised talent as he’s soon to strike again.

How did ALLTHINGSMATA come to be?

ALLTHINGSMATA came out of natural selection. I was hungry to write, dig deeper, explore my guitar playing and perform from around 2015 onwards. I was living in a crypt under Tower Bridge. Mainly producing bands / artists in the daytime and i had a lot of down time to write for myself at night . After being involved in so many different projects ALLTHINGSMATA became a sort of therapy to connect with myself. Music is love.

How would you define your sound?


What was the inspiration for No Fools?

Mainly the feeling that we are all living in a technological illusion. Did you know that major climate change reports a strong risk of crisis as early as 2040!? And mass media outlets tell us to pay attention to reality TV celebrities like they are the answer to anything. It’s more like a diversion to keep us on the brink of entertainment and depression. Human touch is out of style and everyone is suddenly a false deity.

On a lighter note I believe it is important to remember who we are and grow into something loving, ambitious and fantastic. No Fools is a sort of ‘warning mantra’ to remind me not to spend too much time in the illusion. Its tough, and I’m a hypocrite but I’m trying.

Where was the video shot? It’s a great location.

It is! The video was shot at 23 Paul Street. It’s a boutique striptease bar situated in the city (of London). We wanted to find a location thats like stepping into another dimension. Where people go but don’t really know. We filmed there during the day when no one was around. It felt like another world for sure.

Do you have other music coming soon?

Yes! My new song FEAR will be coming out November 9th followed by a EP in the new year.

Can we expect another creative visual?

Of course! I’m extremely excited about sharing this one as it’s a collaboration with some of my favourite people .

How can people keep up to date with gigs, releases and so on?

The website is the mothership www.allthingsmata.com as it leads you to streaming and social sites. The Instagram and Facebook are good for last minute shows/real time info and visuals for curious eyes. You can also email me with any questions [email protected] I rarely switch off.