A phrase that’s sometimes thrown around in the context of music’s effect on people is “when words fail, music speaks”. In the case of Los Angeles based producer Greatness of Saturn it speaks volumes.

Firstly, self-titled debut EP is a foray into outer space for the enigmatic artist, yet this interstellar sound is achieved with only a small handful of lyrics found on the entire project. Secondly, and if not much more fascinatingly, there’s practically zero information about him or her or them – complete separation of personality to the music allowing the music to speak for itself. Thirdly, the lack of a narrative combined with the ability to musically capture your consciousness allows the listener to apply their own introspective storyline to the music rather than being directed by words alone. Put simply, this no mere instrumental EP.

Something perhaps overlooked when working in electronic music nowadays is that all sounds don’t necessarily need to come from inside your computer either, and you can feel this organic approach on the EP. Software mixes with hardware, organic instruments mix with synthesizers and it’s all centered around a backbone of true artistry and inspired creative vision.

Musically it sits in the pocket of so many genres; bass music, electronica, future music, it’s hard to pin down and that’s truly exciting. Listening to Greatness of Saturn’s release is somewhat reminiscent of listening to Pendulum for the first time all those years ago, and being stunned by how exciting and new it all felt.

The project kicks off with the lead single 777, a collaboration with STINT (MØ, NAO, Gallant, Zara Larsson, Sabrina Claudio). The tone is set and the adventure begins with an enormous sonic exposé that both introduces us to his sound and the EP with an inimitable finesse.

We wait with bated breath for what’s next from this excitingly anonymous artist, chances are who’s behind the ‘mask’ won’t be revealed but what we will get is another gripping musical chapter in this galactic journey.