Every once in a while an artist will catch our attention by having such a level of artistic substance that we can’t not talk about them, and in this case it’s Southeast Londoner Lucy Mair and her blissfully nostalgic jazz-pop lament Being Pretty Was Fun. We’re all for songs that address negative perceptions of modern society with a view to change them, and Lucy is clearly not shy to use her creativity to aid the cause. We caught up with her to get further insight to her motivations.

Hey Lucy! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. To start with, how would describe your sound and how you came to it?
Hiya! Thanks so much for having me. I would describe my sound as jazzy pop. I love jazz harmony so I think the chords I use are influenced by playing jazz. The pop side, I guess, I’ve just gotten from the music I’ve listened to growing up.

Can you narrow it down to a song, album or artist that inspired you to start writing music?
I reckon it wasn’t necessarily music that inspired me to start writing. I guess it was just what the people around me were always doing. I’ve got a really musical family so growing up my dad was always writing songs and so was my sister so to start with I just copied what they were doing and it went from there!

There are some clear influences that come across Being Pretty Was Fun but what influences your music that we wouldn’t expect?
I’ve been listening to a lot of Leonard Cohen recently and I think (hopefully because he was incredible) it has influenced my music!

I’d say so! Speaking of Being Pretty Was Fun, can you tell us in your own words the motivations behind it?
At the time of writing Being Pretty Was Fun I felt like I was being pushed and pulled in a lot of different directions. I was fed up of being told to look a certain way or to eat this or follow this diet etc. Writing this track was just a way of me saying that if that’s what I have to do to be ‘pretty’ then no thank you, I can deal with not being ‘pretty.’ I would much rather do my own thing, look however I want to look and make whatever music I wish.

Can you tell us something about yourself that we don’t know already?
Anything at all? I have peanut butter and jam on toast with a black coffee every morning for breakfast. Does that count?

That definitely counts! Finally, what can we look forward to from you next?
I am releasing my first music video very soon! I’ve never put out a visual for my music before so I’m really excited to see what everyone thinks.

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