80s music had a strong hand carving out the path that modern pop took through the decades, and it’s effect still lingers in both the powerful, timeless songwriting and palette of iconic sounds that are still interpolated into music to date.

Copenhagen-based four-piece Clinic Blonde take the non-typical route, avoiding neon-clad synth work and opting for an interpretation of the style through their distinct and sugary indie pop formula. We caught up with them to see what music they were listening to they were penning their new standout track Fabled.

The 1975 – ‘She’s American’

This track came out about the time we were recording Fabled. As such it didn’t really have an impact on this recording, however it was a motivational boost to hear an established band having a sound close to the one we’re aiming for. Its fusion of 80’s and modern styles has most certainly influenced our songwriting since then. Thinking about it, though, She’s American might have been the reason for the plucked guitar played in the 2nd verse of Fabled.

M83 – ‘Go!’ ft. Mai Lan

We’re all suckers for ambient music and especially when coupled with retro sounds as M83 does it. This particular track is really just one picked out of many, mostly because it came out during a time where our band was trying to find its own sound. We listened to this track and the entirety of the related album, Junk, a lotWhen we are creating a new song, we do so with the intention of it being playable live by just the 4 of us in the band, yet, listening to the likes of M83 we longed for the fullness of sound, that good pads and synths can provide.

The Cure – ‘Lullaby’

When the band first came together, our sound was much more that of the 70’s power ballads with a touch of punk rock. The results often ended in melancholy tunes akin to this song (Lullaby). The melancholy of this track and the raw style of The Cure in general is something that, despite our new sound, still influences our songwriting today. It can probably best be seen in the sound of Felix’ guitars.

Bonny – ‘Prefab Sprout’

Bonny really just is a beautiful tune. The way the track appears very simple and catchy, while actually having a ton of layers to it, is something that we aspire to achieve in most of our own tracks. It’s also a very nice example guitars used to create atmosphere instead of bringing with them a rock-ish sound – not unlike the lead guitar of Fabled’s chorus.

Coldplay – ‘Don’t Panic’

Kind of like with Bonny, Don’t Panic, is a song that shows how to do “rock” without it being heavy in sound. We mentioned before how our goal is creating tunes that sound good on a record, but which can also be played live by just the 4 of us in the band. This track is one of the key motivations behind this idea as it proves that it can be done. You can write pop-songs as a band, have them sound like a dream in the studio, but still not have them overproduced to the point where you can’t do your own song justice live without a plethora of backing tracks.

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