Burgeoning hip-hop duo Pupils of the Clock have turned their ripples into waves across the UK scene this year with their old school sound that champions the trendless resurgence. Released January of this year, the aptly named Timeless is 12 tracks of these two poised MCs plying us with their finest, and now share visuals to the closing track D.M.T. We caught up with them to find out more.

Thanks for the chat guys, How did Pupils of the Clock come about after both initially launching as solo artists?

We met at a mutual friends birthday and got talking about music. Tok had released an album and Lazy was part of a crew called Coal Rhymerz. We made a couple of tunes and really enjoyed the process of working together, since meeting we have been making music and touring for the last two years.

Talk to us about your creative process, Do you prefer to work with a wide range of producers?

We worked with a variety of producers on Timeless because we wanted to ensure each tune captured the right feeling. Now we prefer to work with a single producer so that we can take a larger part in the production of our music, allowing us to make it more personal.

How has moving to Bristol influenced your sound?

Bristol is a very musical place and there’s a lot of talented people here, we wouldn’t say our sound has changed but we definitely have more motivation to push ourselves and our music as far as we can.

Playing live seems to be an important aspect of your work, does the state of the live music scene in 2018 concern you?

In some ways the live scene is really strong right now, there are a lot of shows and a lot of new promoters pushing the right things. We think the main problem is that there are too many people playing for free, if you have a craft you’ve worked for and a strong live show you should expect money for the set.

Finally, what does 2019 look like?

We have a single dropping in January with Dr Syntax and Illinformed which we’re very excited about. Then Lazy Eyez has his debut album ‘Coastline to Cityscape’ dropping soon after, followed by Tok.’s album ‘XIII’.

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