A performer at heart who found her first digital acclaim through an unsuspecting remix from Hippie Sabotage, TALI’s jazzy voice and soulful finesse have already shown unlimited potential. Obsessed with lyrics and the intricate ways they can move people – traced back from her own early love for poetry, a polished yet proficient blend of contemporary pop, heyday soul, heyday jazz and lucid R&B hallmarks, the early footsteps of TALI and her heartfelt approach to the world of pop music. Her passion and artistic flair are beginning to bear fruit, with support on New Music Friday and a rapidly increasing fanbase. We spoke to the young songwriter about her new single and future plans.

Welcome to On Record Tali! Do you want to quickly introduce yourself?
Thank you. I’m Tali. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I started writing songs when I was 14 years old. I breathe music.

Your new single clearly draws on a number of different influences, how did the track develop into the fusion piece it is today?
The idea for the song came to me in my sleep which prompted me to jolt up out of bed at 4 am and I had to write it down in my notebook. I brought the lyrical ideas to the studio in London. It was a quick process, I started singing on top of the instrumental beat and everything flowed from there. The chorus and melodies were created swiftly and I knew immediately that this song was one I loved.

You’re from Toronto, what’s the music scene like over there? Any cool artists we should check out?
The music scene in Toronto is really great. There are lots of talented artists and producers in this city. Very eclectic genres. Daniel Caesar, Badbadnotgood, Keys n Krates, Jazz Cartier are some great talents from around here.

This is your first single as part of this project and you ended up working with one of the top publishing companies in London. How exactly did that come about?
I was 17 and searching for someone who could help me advance my music career. There’s an artist from Sweden named Andreas Moe who’s music I love and have listened to for a long time. I was curious to know more about where he recorded his songs and upon researching, I stumbled upon Phrased Differently’s website and decided to write them a message through their website, even though they were based in England. I sent them an EP I wrote and produced. They emailed me back a few days later.

What’s up next for you, any larger projects or tour dates?
Will be releasing more music soon. Keen on doing shows and perform my songs in front of large crowds.

Check out Tali’s Comfortable In Another Bed below.

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