There’s something quite special about Sapphire Adizes, face value, he’s a musician, producer, and singer-songwriter, but the same could be said about so many artists. Frank Ocean for example, but we all know that he’s so much more than that and a similar train of thought can be applied to Sapphire Adizes as well.

I’m not saying that Sapphire Adizes is the new Frank Ocean, far from it, but he does have the same “je ne sais quois”, you feel a similar sense of artistry, life and “realness” from his music which makes it incredibly easy to connect to. Self-described as “Present Music”, Adizes recently shared Birth, a three and a half minute long introduction to his forthcoming project THE WILD BOAR which is set to be a career-defining release from promising young talent and summation of his life to date.

Tastes of electronica, R&B and overarching sense of grandeur set a palpable tone and whets appetites for things to come.

I saw in the sum of those recordings a documentary about my life, and I scored it. I wrote songs to the scores, and then each song became like a scene from a movie, scenes I organized into a film that you hear. That film, or this album, is called The Wild Boar. This song, the first scene, is called “Birth”.

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