Brighton born and raised singer, songwriter and performer Eloise Viola, conducts her music career with a level of constant professionalism and commitment.

In the last year, the young songwriter has cut her teeth with the two singles ‘Think About You’ and ‘For Your Eyes’ – her music has been supported by the likes of Clash Magazine, Euphoria Magazine and The National Student and she’s already sold out a headline show in London. She’s been working with producers in the UK and across the pond and is fast making a name for herself as one of the countries most exciting new pop artists
We spoke to Eloise about her new single, touring and life between London & L.A.

Hi Eloise, do you mind introducing yourself to the On Record faithful?

I am Eloise Viola, I am a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from near Brighton, but I now live in South London. I love writing music, my style is alternative RnB pop, with most of my songs about female empowerment and overcoming the pressure society puts on women.

Talk us through your new single ‘Think About You’, how is this only your second single?

I‘ve got quite a bluesy voice and I taught myself to play the piano, so when I started writing songs they were much more ballad and singer songwriter genre sounding. So it’s taken quite a long time for me to really find my sound and my voice; to define what I want my voice to sound like vocally, and in what is important enough for me to write about. I’ve gone against my natural inclination to be impatient and taken my time to ensure the music I am putting out is exactly what I want to say and sounds how I want it to. Think About You is about backing yourself, completely rejecting negativity, and not being afraid to say what you want.

You seem to spend a lot of time between London and the U.S – Can’t be easy balancing all that travel?

Honestly, I feel incredibly grateful that I have the opportunity to be working with amazing writers and producers in both LA and London. I don’t think that a lot of artists at my level have that opportunity, and it means that I have been able to progress in my songwriting and in my learning about the industry relatively quickly. From a business standpoint it also makes a lot of sense and helps further my career as working with producers from the UK and the US that really understand their markets, so I am creating music that appeals to both audiences and will (hopefully!) expand my fanbase.

You’re also running a podcast on Body Positivity – How did that come about?

I’ve worked really hard on my own body positivity journey. I used to have real disordered thinking about my eating and my body image, and it has taken a lot of work to get to the place where I am at now, where I feel I have healthy thinking around food and self-love. I studied psychology at university, and both my parents have had counselling training, so I feel I have a really good understanding of eating disorders and body positivity and I would love for the lessons I’ve worked hard to learn can help others, particularly women. I think because of social media in particular, artists have so much more influence on their fans that perhaps they used to, and I believe its really important for them to use their platform in a positive way.

What’s next for your career, new music this year?

I’m making so much music at the moment that I’m really excited about and really proud of. I feel like I’m in a really creative phase and so I want to keep going before I come out the other end of it! I’ve got quite a few plans coming up with releases and videos. Currently the plan is to release an EP this summer. Up to this point I have only released singles, so to release a body of work such as an EP with a overall meaning and message is really exciting to me. Watch this space …

Where/ when can fans catch you live?

I am starting to do a Sunday evening Live session on my Instagram, whereby fans can send in cover songs requests and I will learn and play them on the live session. I’m really hoping this will be a way in which I can really connect with fans and see what they are listening to, or what songs they love. Although I love songwriting, performing is my real love. People can follow me online to see where my live shows are. Next one is end of May!

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