As summer draws closer, so do the multitude of music festivals. It’s kicked off by the inaugural Slam Dunk Festival, spanning across two cities in one weekend. This year it’s made even better by the new and much bigger site for Leeds at Temple Newsam Park. Not only does this boast a more seamless festival experience but quite possibly it’s biggest lineup to date. In case you were having trouble deciding who to watch across the weekend, here’s a curated list of the top bands to catch at the Leeds site this year.

12:15pm – Milk Teeth
All has been quiet for the most part for Milk Teeth. Now a three-piece, Milk Teeth have been scarce on new releases except for the epic Stain which was released November 2018. The mystery surrounding the band as they are now in 2019 makes them the perfect candidate to watch, as well as their stellar back catalogue of bold punk sounds.

12:50pm – A Loss For Words
The last time that A Loss For Words played Slam Dunk Festival, it was for a farewell show. Something that was followed up with farewell shows in their home states later in the year. However, in 2019, it turns out that this was more of a ‘see you later’ than an actual firm goodbye as the pop punk juggernauts are back once again. If you love the chaos of crowdsurfing and seemingly never-ending jumping jacks then A Loss For Words are the band to catch.

1:25pm – Boston Manor
Pop punk outfit Boston Manor, who hail from the UK’s very own Blackpool, have had quite the year. Their most recent release Welcome To The Neighbourhood (2018) was a triumph, that pushed the band out of the typical pop punk sound and something that was distinctively their own. With gritty lead single Halo and an incredible bout of energy sure to make an appearance, Boston Manor are not one you’d want to miss.

2:00pm – Trophy Eyes
Hailing from Australia, Trophy Eyes are a tour de force in the pop punk scene as of right now. Their most recent release The American Dream showed a mastery of vocalist John Floreanis vocal and lyrical ability in a way that translates beautifully into a live setting. If you love to get into your feelings while screaming along to the most anthemic of choruses, Trophy Eyes are the band for you.

3:30pm – Waterparks
Waterparks have had the most incredible year and rightfully so. It began with the highly anticipated release of 2018’s Entertainment, it’s high octane pop succeeding in hooking hoards of new fans who followed the band into a year of mostly sold out shows and a spot on Reading & Leeds’ main stage. With new music already being teased, for possibly May 3rd, there’s plenty of hype and excitement around the band that would make them a perfect watch at Slam Dunk.

4:35pm – Simple Plan
For nostalgias sake, Simple Plan is a must see. If you’re attending the festival, chances are you grew up listening to Simple Plan in your bedrooms with the pinnacle ‘I’m Just A Kid’ as your anthem. Despite having a back catalogue that spans almost two decades, Simple Plan still never get boring as their sets are some of the most lively you can see even still. If you’re looking for that high energy and a throwback to those angsty teenage years, this is a set you won’t want to miss.

Honorable Mentions: Hellogoodbye, Atreyu, All Time Low, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me.

Slam Dunk Festival takes place in Leeds on May 24th. Tickets for the show and the afterparty are still available via the official Slam Dunk website.