The highlight of my year so far was Scholars’ debut album Always Lead, Never Follow and its release party. Never have I sat through an album and held every song in such high esteem, the attention to detail is so rightly thought out that there is never a boring moment.

Having followed the band for a while and enjoyed so much of their previous material I, like most people when they love a band so much, was very nervous about this release; the tracklist showed that nearly half of the songs had already been released in some form or another, so I was worried the rest of the album would just be filler music. But my worries subsided as I listened to the first original tracks off the album, and now some of these are the ones I enjoy the most. My favourite song off the album ‘Stellar’ is one of my favourite songs in over a year. All of that coupled with the release party made this my highlight of 2013 so far.