Narrowing down a year of fantastic releases to only ten that overwhelmed our expectations was no easy task. These are the albums that received the most votes from our writers and the artists we had the pleasure of speaking to this year. Thanks for a great six months of On Record and here’s to 2014!

Childish Gambino – Because The InternetBecause The Internet

Because The Internet isn’t just a collection of songs, it’s a semi-autobiographical concept album (with an accompanying screenplay) about Childish Gambino/Donald Glover as a person. Gambino’s refreshing flow and intricately detailed lyrics, full of jokes and references, dance around atop fantastically written music ranging from trap influenced hip-hop beats to soul and R&B, resulting in an album with so many layers that you’ll keep returning to dig deeper.” – Dan Hess


Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2The Marshall Mathers LP 2

“Eminem was responsible for one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year and largely, MMLP2 didn’t disappoint. Bleach blonde hair and multiple references made for a nostalgic project, and Rick Rubin’s production provided the perfect platform for Em’s best album since The Eminem Show. One of many highlights was opening track ‘Bad Guy’, a seven-minute epic that added further depth to the story of ‘Stan’.” – Phil Riches


Fall Out Boy – Save Rock & RollSave Rock & Roll

“The first release since their high-profile comeback, Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock & Roll is evidence of their hiatus, incorporating elements from each member’s side project. There are notes of R&B, electronic and metal mixed in with that old FOB sound; the result of which produces tracks such as ‘Death Valley’ and ‘The Mighty Fall’ which features rapper Big Sean. A stunningly brilliant attempt that sits proudly with the band’s phenomenal back catalogue.” – Madison Convey


Frank Turner – Tape Deck HeartTape Deck Heart

“Over the past few years Frank Turner has matured like a fine wine and Tape Deck Heart is a triumphant reflection of this. The tracks are a mix of celebration and melancholy described by Turner as a “break-up album”, with each number bringing something musically and tonally different. A future folk rock classic.” – Charles Parry


Kevin Devine – BubblegumBubblegum

“From the uproarious chords of ‘Nobel Prize’ to the sharp wit of ‘I Don’t Care About Your Band’, Bubblegum is yet another of Kevin Devine’s immaculate discography with its finger on the button. A record that confronts issues of today in an unapologetic fashion but still manages to put Devine’s talents as a songwriter in the foreground is one we have had on constant reply since the second we could get our hands on it.” – Shukti Patadia


Check out a Spotify playlist of our albums of the year below!