Having focused more time on side projects (Right Away, Great Captain! and Bad Books) which have gone on to become almost as successful as the band itself, with songs appearing in episodes of Greys Anatomy, Gossip Girl and How I Met Your Mother, Manchester Orchestra have announced that their long awaited album Cope will be released in March 31st 2014.

From live performances, it seems like the band is venturing more towards the heavier dynamics of their music with new drummer Tim Very having a vital part of this on ‘Top Notch’, which is carried by the abrasive snare hits and crashing cymbals. The band still hold on to their radio rock sensibilities with the riff based ‘Every Stone’ having the potential to be a huge radio hit.

What will be interesting to see is how much of the studio experimentation influences Cope after 2011’s Simple Math, prominently featuring a wide array of additional instrumentation such as a children’s choir on ‘Virgin’ and a string section on ‘Simple Math’.

Cope will be released March 31st in the UK.