Andrew McMahon released his first ever solo EP in 2013, and it was a far cry from music he had released under Something Corporate or Jack’s Mannequin. It was surprising to see that a long standing musician who has long been admired for his incredible talent had not yet released any solo work, yet the part that was no surprise at all was how good the Pop Underground EP was. Oh, and did I mention he was also recently nominated for an Emmy for his work in the show Smash?

He has since confirmed he is releasing a full album under his own name, yet had not indicated if it will follow the synthesiser-induced sound prevalent in the EP. What we do know is that he is currently off the road, incredibly motivated and wanting to make a statement.

Andrew also stated in an interview with that “I’m definitely taking the opportunity to acquaint myself with the piano in a big way. I think my last couple of records got away from that and it was really kind of this moment where I was like, “Okay, you’re a piano-player. That is your heart and soul.” No pun intended. That’s the best of my work – with me at the piano.”

So, if the record, which should be released in late 2014, comes out sounding either like Robyn infused dance pop or old school Andrew McMahon, we know we won’t be disappointed either way. We never have been with him before.