Kanye West’s 2013 was a big mix of things really. The highs of having a baby and getting engaged, along with releasing his much awaited album Yeezus, combined with the lows of said album receiving poor sales and not exactly universally flattering reviews left the rapper with a mixed reaction from the public as well. Probably not helped with a string of attacks against paparazzi and constantly yelling abrasive comments at simple questions.

That abrasiveness seemed to sum up his year as well as Yeezus¬†which was in itself a jarring, abrasive record which was a new, sudden sound for the celebrated artist. Some called it a downfall and thought he’d lost his touch, others praised his branching into new territory and exploring how far he could go as an artist out of his element. Either way, Kanye continued press and praise for himself all over the globe, with an interview with Zane Lowe being a particular insight.

The next record has already been acknowledged, despite Kanye still touring the second half of his colossal Yeezus tour in the States. Very little is known beyond it possible being limited to eight tracks, maybe hinting at minimalism for this potential release. The idea of minimalism is backed up by his recent announcement of deciding to not make any outgoing statements for the next six months, somewhat strange for the incredibly outspoken artist who is known for often going off on a ranting tangent in his live shows.

Already garnering a buzz, we know that Kanye will make 2014 his own with extravagent touring set ups, surreal music videos and, of course, passionate interviews. Maybe even another appearance on South Park.