The prolific Ryan Adams shows no sign of slowing down with the release of his fourteenth solo record and on the edge of 40, he still shows the same consistency that flourished on Heartbreaker way back in 1999. With a vast back catalogue which could fill up several vaults, it’s difficult to find a starting point for Adams’ solo work. So, here’s a rough guide.

Starting with his earliest work in Whiskeytown, this playlist encompasses 20 years of Ryan Adams’ work with choice cuts. This includes ‘So Alive’, where Adams’ provides his best impressions of Morrissey and Bono and blends it into one anthemic four minute masterwork, to ‘Starlite Diner’ where Adams’ is at his most fractured over a reverb drenched piano.

A full Spotify playlist is available to listen to and follow here or can be heard below.