With another exciting festival season just right around the corner, we are very excited to preview what we expect to be one of the true highlights of the year at Primavera Sound in Barcelona. Approaching it’s 15th year, there’s no signs of slowing down in terms of line-up with this being one of the best festival line-ups of the year.

We’ve compiled a Spotify playlist of our highlights from the bill, make sure to stay tuned for part 2 coming shortly! The full playlist can be followed and listened to through Spotify

Panda Bear – Mr Noah

Opening up this year’s proceedings is Animal Collective’s Noah Lennox, otherwise known by the moniker Panda Bear. Taken from his latest record Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper, Mr Noah is a psychedelic electronic track which will be an unusual way to open up Thursday’s proceedings.

Cheatahs – The Swan

With the commanding opening riff of ‘The Swan’, Cheatahs are quickly going to become one of this year’s breakout bands and what better way to kick off festival season!

Viet Cong – Continental Shift

Mixing noise and electronica elements to their indie rock cocktail, Alberta, Canada’s Viet Cong are a strange beast. With opening chiming Marr-esque guitar that gives way to walls of sound, their highly acclaimed single “Continental Shift” made it into Pitchfork’s 100 Tracks of 2014 and one listen is enough to find out why – experimental but hight tuneful.

The Replacements – Seen Your Video

Never having gotten the status as genre gods in Europe as they did in the U.S. it’s unfortunate that The Replacements, who reformed last year, are not headlining. No doubt we will be treated with hits like ‘Alex Chilton’, ‘Left of the Dial’ and ‘Unsatisfied’, but of late the alt-rockers have re-introduced the storming mid-Let It Be highlight ‘Seen Your Video’ into their setlists for the first time in twenty four years. Let’s hope that it will get an airing at Primavera.

Mineral – Parking Lot

Another in the rash of recently reformed 90’s emo bands, Mineral had two propulsive and highly influential albums to their name pre-split. Always having begged for the kind heart-on-the-sleeve communal singalong only possible at a festival, ‘Parking Lot’, from their essential Power of Failing album, will hopefully finally fulfil its destiny.

Brand New – Mene

It has been six very long, painful years but ‘Mene’ is very much worth the wait. Containing the spite and malice from their earlier work blended together with the chaos and charm of 2009’s Daisy. ‘Mene’ has already become a classic staple within the bands already stacked catalogue.

The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

Headlining the Thursday night are retro blues-rockers The Black Keys. Having released a less than classic album last year and having pulled out of most of their recent European tour the band have a fair bit of ground to make up. With indisputable modern rock classics like the hard-shuffling ‘Lonely Boy’ in their arsenal the ‘Keys will impress and amaze.

James Blake – Retrograde

Taken from the Mercury Music Prize winning Overgrown, ‘Retrograde’ is a combines elements of Blake’s post-dubstep production with a soulful R&B croon. Expect slow dancing when the buzzy synths signal the climax of the song.

The Pastels – Nothing to be Done

Despite being at their most relevant in 1986, The Pastels never went away. Their twee-C86-era indie pop has been hugely influential to other Primavera bands (Belle and Sebastian, The Vaselines) but also to up-and-comers like Alvvays. 2013’s ‘Check My Heart’ is as lovely as anything they have released but 1993’s ‘Nothing To Be Done’ will be the Pastels singalong.

The New Pornographers – War On The East Coast

Forever producing paragons of power-pop perfection, last year’s Brill Bruisers took things even further combining their already well-established singalongs ability with the lush 70’s production of bands like ELO. How these mini-symphonies fair in the live setting will prove interesting, but with classics like ‘Letter From An Occupant’ and ‘Use It’ you know you’re in for a good time.

Tobias Jesso Jr. – How Could You Babe

As one of 2015’s biggest breakthrough acts this year, Tobias Jesso Jr. already has fans in Adele, as well as members of The Black Keys and Haim. The soaring chorus of ‘How Could You Babe’ is already one that could fill venues across the world.

The Julie Ruin – Ha Ha Ha

Former Bikini Kill/Le Tigre frontwoman Kathleen Hanna has returned to creating music, now with her solo punk/electronica project The Julie Ruin. Already having released impressive new material this year in the form of single ‘Blueberry Island’, Hanna will be rocking up to Barcelona with her battle chant electro to show that Riot Grrls don’t die, they just get older.

Belle & Sebastian – Get Me Away From Here I’m Dying

On Friday, Belle & Sebastian will be bringing their established blend of melancholic Scottish pop to the ATP stage. With the release of their new album “Girls In Peacetime Want to Dace”, the band experiment more with songs suited better for the dance floor. That’s not saying that they won’t be bringing out some of their greatest hits however.

Sleater-Kinney – Entertain

Though lumped in with the rash of Riot Grrls bands that appeared in the early 90’s, Sleater-Kinney quickly outgrew that tag and became one of the most respected alt rock bands around. Recently having gotten back together after a decade absence they released the better-than-it-should be No Cities to Love earlier this year, though jam packed with anthems you cannot beat some classic Sleater-Kinney.

Ride – Dreams Burn Down

Feeling that, post-My Bloody Valentine reunion, it was inevitable, shoegazers Ride have returned for their moment in the sun. Though ‘Vapour Trails’ is probably their best known song, the shiny, shimmering epic ‘Dream Burn Down’ will be a transcendent experience in person, and nowhere near the ear-terrorism of MBV’s live ‘You Made Me Realise’.

Additional words provided by Ashley Robak