With the revelation of Missy Elliot as Bestival’s Sunday headliner that has hyped everyone up for the festival ahead of September, we here at On Record have put together a list of 5 acts we feel are worth catching at the festival.


1. Drenge

Hailing from Sheffield, Drenge consist of brothers Eoin Loveless and Rory Loveless. The band inherently show that grunge is still alive and well loved. The band released their second album this year receiving rave reviews amongst their fan base. The duo are no strangers to festivals playing an incredible set at last years Reading festival that had everyone in the packed out NME tent moshing to every single song. The band also played a surprise secret set at this year’s Glastonbury festival’s William’s Green stage. The band once again drew large crowds with many stuck outside peering in to catch a glimpse. Drenge never fail to bring out a highly energetic performance that is adored by their audience, thus the band do not disappoint and are definitely ones to watch.


2. Tame Impala

Tame Impala are a psychedelic rock band from Perth, Australia founded by frontman Kevin Parker in 2007. Some of the band’s more notable tunes come from their second album Lonerism  with ‘Elephant’ and ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’ being tracks that are quite infectious. The band’s sound is inherently easy on the ear; it is laid back with a twang of nostalgia. The sound is dreamy playing on emotion of being stuck between the boundaries of full consciousness and being in a dream state—at times this even feels a bit magical. The band have recently released four new tracks, ‘Cause I’m a Man’, ‘Let It Happen’, ‘Disciples’ and ‘Eventually’. These tracks have given fans a flavour of the band’s highly anticipated follow-up to Lonerism.  The band definitely have a unique sound that sets the apart from a large number of acts on the bill. Their new album Currents is set to drop on the 17th of July, with a full stream of their album now available online at http://music.cbc.ca/#!/blogs/2015/7/First-Play-Tame-Impala-Currents.


3. Pond

Tame Impala label mates, Pond are another psychedelic rock band hailing from Perth, Australia. The band are known for their ever changing line up. The band was conceived with the idea of the band being a collaborative effort. Past members have included Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker himself. The band are no strangers to the festival scene, playing festivals such as South by South West in the past. Compared to Tame Impala, the band have a broader discography with six releases that all have a unique feel and sound to them. The band’s most recent album Man It Feels Like Space Again was released earlier on this year with positive reviews from many. NME in the past have cited the band as one of the hottest upcoming bands. Pond, due to their diverse discography that is sonically broad, offer more than just plain old psychedelic rock and therefore potentially cater to a broader spectrum of musical tastes.


4. Jungle

Jungle are a musical collective hailing from London.  The collective are known for their soul sound that draws influences from a range of genres completed by disco beats that seem to be a staple in most of their body of work. The band have played a wide array of festivals from Reading and Leads and a well received set on the other stage at Glastonbury this year. What sets this group apart from other acts of similar sound is the fact that the collective have a hefty membership of seven for their on stage performances. Unlike other acts, the collective do not use laptops and such in their performances to reproduce parts of their recorded music. The size of the collective however, allows them to reproduce these elements naturally and organically on stage. Thus, Jungle’s organic, honest yet modern sound is achieved through a 100% live set that translates impeccably and sets them apart from others. Catching Jungle therefore would be an excellent experience—definitely one to add to your list of acts to see over the weekend.

5. Fickle Friends

Fickle Friends are a quintet from Brighton. Their music can only be described as fun, energetic with tropical influences. They are inherently a band whose songs resonate summer in their sound no matter time of year. In short, the band manage to be upbeat despite their bittersweet lyrics. The band have yet to put out a debut LP but have a great selection of songs released and a EP titled Velvet released earlier this year that is worth checking out. The band have created a good buzz in the UK indie scene; the band have already played a handful of festivals such as BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2015 and have gained thousands of plays online. Their single Swim has been played on Spotify over 1,184,806 times. Despite being relatively new, the band have also gained the attention of high profile celebrities. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver crowned the band the winner of his annual Summer Jam competition for new artists which allowed them to perform at his Big Feastival food and music fest back in 2013. This enabled them to share the stage with big names such as KT Tunstall. Fickle Friends have therefore inherently created a name for themselves and it is evident that big things are on the way for them especially with their appearance at Bestival.