The annual Slam Dunk Festival is only a few sleeps away, and with eight stages dotted around Leeds City centre to choose from, deciding who you are going to spend your time watching can be a difficult decision for many. So we’ve compiled a list which might make your choices just a little bit easier.

Moose Blood – Main Stage (Millenium Square) 1:30pm

The rising stars this year have bagged themselves the opening slot on the main stage across Slam Dunk Weekend and are a must see to kick off your day. Expect to hear some big sing alongs from the crowd and maybe a few crowd surfers if they play their cards right.

Young Guns – Main Stage (Millenium Square) 2:30pm

This set at Slam Dunk is one of only a handful of dates Young Guns have scheduled at the start of this year, with plans to record their new album happening shortly they’re going to be keeping themselves on the down low for a while. If you love a good imposing frontman then Young Guns have that in the form of Gustav Wood, mesmerizingly commanding and capable of easily fronting their radio worthy tracks. Be on the lookout for massive melodies and ridiculously anthemic choruses.

The Amity Affliction – Atlas Stage (Crookridge Street) 6:05pm

These Aussies aren’t scared of whipping a crowd into a good circle pit, their new album This Could Be Heartbreak was announced only last week so expect to hear their new track ‘I Bring The Weather With Me’ alongside some of their classics that might produce some of the loudest sing alongs of the day.

New Found Glory – Main Stage (Millenium Square) 7:45pm

Let’s face it, by this point in the day you’re either going to be pretty drunk or pretty stoked to watch the headliners in a few hours time. So why not indulge yourself a little in some of the biggest pop-punk tracks of the past 15 odd years, and you’re kidding yourself if you don’t want to sing “My Friends Over You” at the top of your lungs with your best pals.

New Years Day – Fresh Blood Stage (Leeds Beckett Uni Outdoor) 8:20pm

After we caught the band out on tour with Escape The Fate in January this year, theyre back again hitting the UK headlining the Fresh Blood Stage. With such an early slot for the headliners it means you don’t have to miss the five piece alternative metal band take the stage in preference for the other headliners. Look out for some raging emo anthems including ‘Angel Eyes’ and their new single ‘I’m About To Break You.’

Panic! At The Disco! – Main Stage (Millenium Square) 9:25pm

The headlining slots for a lot of the stages this year are all prolific bands in their genres, with Panic! At The Disco, Of Mice & Men, The Story So Far and Every Time I Die all clashing it’s Panic! that come out trumps. Amazingly talented Brendon Urie is the last standing permanent member of the band, and we’re extremely glad for him to grace us with his presence and vocal abilities for over an hour. Even if you only know the odd Panic! song, you’re guaranteed to want to boogie along to their anthemic hits from newer tracks like “Emperor’s New Clothes” to older classics like “Time To Dance” and if you’re not feeling on top of the world or even slightly nostalgic when “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” kicks in then you’ve obviously watched the wrong headliner.