The annual summer Vans Warped Tour is well underway and there are a surplus of bands featured – everything from the heavy Every Time I Die to the likes of Wacka Flocka Flame. Yes, you heard right, Wacka Flocka Flame. There is something for everyone at this years celebrations and with it’s festival style set up and welcoming atmosphere, it’s bound to make for one truly memorable day.

Ahead of covering the tour, we decided to take a look at the list of bands playing and pick out those standout artists you should check out when making your lists of bands to watch:


If you’re looking for a new favourite band, look no further than Bad Seed Rising. They have the essence of a full energy hardcore band with haunting riffs and killer vocals, Bad Seed Rising offer up a fresh front on female fronted bands unlike anything you’ve heard before. They’re only on the tour for another couple of weeks so if you’re at any of their final dates, Bad Seed Rising are definitely one you won’t regret watching.



Sykes are another female fronted band, this time hailing from all the way over the ocean in London, UK. The band recently toured with The Summer Set who are set to jump on Warped tour for it’s final two weeks but Sykes are on the entire tour this summer. This is their first time on the tour and offer infectious indie pop, perfect for dancing along to even in the awful summer heat. For any of those open-minded Warped Tour goers, especially those who enjoy the likes of The 1975, Sykes are definitely the band for you.



Another British band out on their first ever Warped run is Oceans Ate Alaska. In the past year, this band has risen to immense popularity and a lot of it may have to do with being signed to the incredible Fearless Records. Since they have toured relentlessly, moreso in the US where they have been able to build a vast fanbase for their first stint on Warped. They’re full on Metalcore, with gravely screams and low ominous riffs, they’re some of the best exports in the genre that Britain has to offer and it shows in the crowds they’ve been drawing in thus far.


Somewhat of a dark horse in the pop punk genre are Broadside, though they offer similar lyrics to their counterparts, wanting to get out and make something of themselves, they hold something a little more special. As opposed to the typical shouting vocal style that pop punk is famous for, there is range and technique to the vocals that allow singer Ollie Baxter to show versatility and push the genre further than it’s gone before. It means that on a whole, you get everything from the beautiful and melodic A Light In The Dark to the fast paced Playing In Traffic that goes hand in hand with fist pumps and crowd surfing at shows like Warped.


In their time as a band Emarosa have undergone quite a few lineup changes and with that their sound has evolved along the way. However they’ve never sounded better than they do with the lineup they currently have. Current vocalist Bradley Walden gives a fresh spin on the bands sound, his vocals are strong and belting and suit the compelling lyrical content. Live they’re huge, you can find Walden hanging from rafters and throwing himself into the fold, joining the crowd to reaffirm that they are an intricate part of what Emarosa currently is. With brand new album ‘131’ having just been released, they’re definitely one you want to check out if you want to get a feel for their new flavour but even if you miss them, trust in us when we say that they are set to be bigger and better than they ever have been before.