Just as the festival season draws to a close, Bestival rolls around again. This year features a futuristic theme which suggests that this years fest is to be a visual spectacle.  To get everyone excited for this years round-up,  we’ve compiled a list of five acts we are excited to see.

1. Animal Collective

Baltimore’s own experimental pop rockers have recently put out their much anticipated album Painting With–their first release in 3 years. The band are known for their eccentric style which utilises different elements from various genres. This is not absent in their latest releases and songs such as ‘Floridada’ have an uplifting charm that will surely get you dancing. This, combined with their excellent live visuals and trippy futuristic musical style fit well into Bestival’s theme for 2016.


2. Glass Animals

Oxford based indie band Glass Animals are back with an upcoming album titled How to Be a Human Being.  All three preview tracks ‘Youth’,’Life Itself’ and ‘Season 2, Episode 3’ all indicate that their upcoming release is going to be phenomenally good. It is clear that the band have departed from the tropical vibe that they were well known for in their first album but do not shy away from their quirky and unusual lyrics. It is these lines that have the crowd singing the loudest at their festival sets making them an extremely memorable bunch to see live.


3. Fickle Friends

Brighton based Fickle friends are back at Bestival again this year after an epic year for the band who have recently signed to Polydor records. The band have a fun sound that is easy to dance to and this resonates in a lot of their older stuff.  This summer is no different for Fickle Friends who are doing what they do best– playing an array of festivals. With upbeat tunes that you simply cannot dance to, there is no better band to put you in the mood to keep partying all weekend.


4. K. Flay

Different from the rest of the mix of artist previously mentioned, K.Flay is a alternative artist from Illinois.  She has recently released her brand new EP ‘Crush Me’. Her musical style is varied and is best described as a complete and unique fusion of indie and hip hop. The lyrics of her songs too are easily relatable to the average person  touching on an array of issues and pains that many of us have experienced. Each verse of her songs are inherently infectious and stay with the listener for hours after.  The most interesting aspect of her live set however is how flawlessly and effortlessly she translates her recorded work into a live performance especially with her unique sound.


5. Tourist

Tourist is a DJ and music producer from the UK who has released 3 EPs and an album. He is well known for his Grammy award for song of the year on his work on the song ‘Stay With Me’ performed by James Napier and Sam Smith. His music is a perfect fit for this years Bestival theme. Although not all of his songs are upbeat, they all put the listener into a good laid back mood  through their mellow and ambient qualities.  Thus Tourists set, although varied will make for a perfect excuse to take a break from the franticness of the festival whilst still enjoying a live act in the process.