This time of year can be a bit of a downer; the nights start getting longer, the summer’s festivals become distant hazy memories and Glastonbury still feels like an eternity away. Even then, you still have the misery and stress of the ticket sales to endure. Aren’t you lucky?

If all of that sounds far too real and you’re in need one last festival fix to get you through the cold winter, then look no further. Hackney Wonderland has you covered. The folks at the Cherry Cola Club have paired up with Jack Daniels and Spotify to bring you a weekend of up and coming music, with a few big names thrown in for good measure. We’re going to give you six great reasons to come along on 15th and 16th October!Mystery Jets Victorious 2015

Mystery Jets

Okay, these guys don’t need much of an introduction. They released their fifth studio album Curve Of The Earth earlier this year, and although their style has shifted somewhat since their 2006 debut, the quality of music has remained intact. Expect a mixture of soft rock, pop, and classic early 2000s indie.

We Are Scientists

Sticking with the theme of pioneering indie bands, there’s no ignoring We Are Scientists. Not only do these guys excel at writing infectious songs, but they bring them to life on stage and intersperse them with better crowd interaction and jokes than many comedians.

Hooton Tennis Club

In just a few short years, Hooton Tennis Club have made a real name for themselves. With their appearance at Hackney Wonderland being their last before the release of their second album Big Box of Chocolates on 21st October, this show will be a celebration of everything they have accomplished so far with a nod towards their future endeavours.


Lucy Rose

If the electric guitars and noisy pop start to become a bit much, Lucy Rose will be there to turn things down a notch with her elegant voice and mellow folk rock. To give you some insight into the atmosphere at a Lucy Rose show, she’s been known to sell her own blend of tea at her merch table (and I’ve heard rumours that Theme Park are bringing biscuits).



From the ashes of one-album wonders Cajun Dance Party came Yuck, who traded in their clean poppy sound for big, fuzzy alt-rock. These guys released their third album Stranger Things earlier this year, only for the name to become eclipsed by the Netflix television series. If you don’t already know them, come and see them at Hackney Wonderland and give them a chance to reclaim the title as their own.


Theme Park

Whatever it was that Metronomy and Hot Chip had tapped into which allowed them to write music that you can’t help but dance along to, Theme Park have found it too. One of the grooviest bands you’re likely to hear all weekend, and if their show is anything like their JägerHaus performance at this year’s Bestival, we’re all in for a treat.



Sounds great, right? And we haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s on offer at this festival! To make things even better, it can all be yours for just £27.50. Head on over to the Hackney Wonderland website for tickets and more information. We’ll see you there!