17-year-old midlands based singer, songwriter and producer Loveday excels with the release of her debut track Close, a downtempo electro pop lament of youth and first love. Her passion seamlessly transitions into the visual medium with the lo-fi VCR style music video proving she’s one to watch in 2018. We caught up with her to find a little more about the mind behind the vision.

You seem to have a very concise vision for such a new project. Who are your biggest influences on your sound?

One of my biggest influences recently has been The Japanese House, I’m so inspired by her mellow, electronic sound and how minimal yet effective her music is. I’m also a fan of more classic pop music like Fleetwood Mac, their iconic sound and lyrics have always been one of my greatest influences! Other artists that have influenced me include Lana Del Rey, Lorde… the list goes on! I’m just trying to build my own sonic imprint building on all those various influences and something that’s true to me.

Other than influential artists, what motivates you to make music?

I’ve had a passion for songwriting since I was 13, I set myself a goal to write songs that I am proud of, songs that can hopefully influence people’s lives as I was influenced by the artists I mentioned!

With such a huge music community available at your fingertips online, do you feel where you grew up had any involvement with your music?

I grew up in the remote countryside in Warwickshire, there weren’t many live music gigs that I could go to around where I grew up, no sorta buzzing music scenes! The internet and finding music online really helped me to expand my horizons, but I still think that I’m influenced by the isolation too! I think young people can be really isolated today even in a busy city surrounded by Social Media etc (which probably doesn’t help!) My whole thing is about taking that feeling of isolation and building a sound and world that people can interact with and lose themselves in – I shoot all my photos on Polaroid film, hand make artwork, just try and keep it as interactive as possible!

Your music comes across as very personal and honest, so how important do you feel personality and honesty is in modern music?

I think that music is a great way for artists to express their personality and how they’re feeling. For me, personality and honesty is very important, expressing your personality through music gives an artist individuality and people can get a better understanding of the message of the song.

With such a positive reception for Close, what’s next for Loveday?

I am so so happy with Close! I’ve got the video for Close out now, plus new music coming very soon! So excited to share with everyone what I have been working on. I’ve been self-shooting new music videos too, which is new territory but great fun and I’m really excited to get it all out there!

Watch Close on Vevo below –