Singer-songwriter-producer Levin has been making waves for years in his home country of Switzerland with his masterful electro pop – finely weaving together influence with culture. With the bigger picture in mind he has set his sights on the international stage with his new project Runaways.

Hello Levin! Thank you speaking with us, to start with could you tell us the motivations behind your fantastic new Runaways EP?
Hey On Record Magazine, it is a pleasure! I wanted to have a good follow up song for my single “If A Song” which was doing pretty good on Swiss radio. I love to write songs and I want to touch hearts with wonderful melodies, harmonies and lyrics. I want people to realise what unique gift life is.

How would you describe your sound?
Melodic, fresh, simple but clever. Or like your favourite day of each season.

Having seen such success in Switzerland, how do you feel about approaching international stage?
It would be a dream travelling different countries with a wonderful song. I’m still looking for that song.

Aside from your musical influences, what do you feel influences you as an artist?
My questions about life, the hope that there’s a reason behind it all. Surely my friends and family influence me, spending time with me sharing different views.

Can you tell us something about yourself that we won’t know already?
I love to play the viola. It is a timeless, beautiful instrument, that makes me feel like a poet.

What’s next on the horizon for Levin?
I will continue with my concerts and producing, to make a living. I think that luck lies in the moments, so I’ll try to slow down to enjoy them more – and I’m curious what melody will come to me next.

Runaways is out now via Dreamsheltermusic.