80s music can have polarising effect on people, and whether you love it or hate it – you can’t deny the catchiness and uplifting effect of so many songs from the iconic era. Applying heavy amounts of that positivity into their music are Fond of Rudy, four piece indie-pop outfit with members spanning London and Brighton. Don’t worry we’re nowhere near cheesy pub-rock covers here, it’s the best parts of the 80s brought up to date with contemporary production, fused with groovy indie that’s reminiscent of all your favourite acts – a cocktail self described as “South Eastern Calypso Alt Pop”.

We caught up with them to get an insight on the motivation behind the music.

Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. To start with, what’s the motivation behind incorporating iconic 80s elements into your music?

Matt: Hey! Thanks for listening to us. We’ve all grown up listening to 80s music and idolising the icons of that era. It’s part of our musicality and life. Whenever a silence occurs in practice you know it’s going to be broken by a bit of Prince or MJ! It’s just so infectious.

A common word used when describing that era music nowadays is cheesy. Is that an aspect that you try to work against or readily embrace?

If that era is described as cheesy then we totally embrace that! It’s definitely a guilty pleasure of mine, with our tracks we try to take the best of the 80s and modernise it.

It couldn’t be a bigger compliment to me if somebody says “your bands music sounds like it’s come straight out of the 80’s.” Quality!

You wear a lot of your musical influences on your sleeves, but what influences your music that we won’t expect?

Ross: We bring all sorts of influences to the table as a band – A huge influence of mine is actually blues music. It flows into pop so well I feel. Blues is the first and last thing I play when I pick up the guitar. Without Blues music I don’t think I’d exist as a guitar player. I like jazz too and a lot of the time live I’ll switch up the chords and invert them to jazzier voicings on the fly! Ha!

Can you tell us something about the band that we won’t know already?

An interesting fact you might not have known, we are actually quite a sporty band. One of us is a footballer, one is a cross-fitter, one is a crazy kayaker and one climbs 15,000ft mountains.

What next can we expect from Fond of Rudy?

Otto: We have just released our single Imagination a blend of 80’s dance vibes and upbeat jams but we already working on our next single which is going to be released in 2 months time. We can reveal that the name is Illuminate and it will be full of catchy beats and stomping electric guitar lines.

Also we are on the festival circuit with some main stage appearances on the agenda!

Take a listen through their back catalogue of feel good hits, and each one will whisk you away from your day to a perfectly crafted time capsule of warm, pastel coloured feelings. Check out latest, Imagination below to see what we mean.