Pop music has always been a very wide road for artists to walk down, there’s plenty of breadth for an artist to find their niche and express themselves to their true to potential. Someone truly expressing their truest self is Cecil, Berkshire-based songstress that wears her heart, as well as her influences on her sleeve.

Existing in her own atmosphere of impactful, introspective, bordering on melancholic music, Cecil spoke with us so we could get an aperture on what it takes to be the mind behind the music.

Hi Cecil! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. To start with, can you share an insight to the motivation behind your music?

There have been a few things behind the motivation in my music. I guess it started when I was about 5 and my mum was a drummer in a local rock band. The band would come over a lot and jam and rehearse and I then began to sing wanting to join in so I guess that’s when I first got the bug.
Around the same time I was obsessed with Beauty & The Beast (as all young girls were) and I went to see it live in a play and just knew the stage was for me. I started piano at around 13 and began writing my own music and it just spiralled from there.

I read that you’re heavily inspired by pioneering broadcasting producer Cecil McGivern, your Great Uncle and namesake. Can you speak a little more the influence he has on you and your music?

Yes, he is a huge influence on me and my writing. When I was young I would ask my Dad where I got my writing addiction from as I loved to write stories and he said it comes from my Great Uncle.
I read all his work and loved his creativity and his writing skills which I took inspiration from. The fact that he wrote the screenplay for Great Expectations is amazing and so many other things made me feel connected to him as I also loved to write stories. I have been taking parts of his past writings form the 1940s and 50s and been infusing them in to my music today so it’s been a massive influence on who I am as an artist.

Aside from him, what are some of biggest inspirations, musical or otherwise?

I’m a big Coldplay fan and love everything they do and have always loved their sound. Lana Del Rey is probably the biggest female who inspires me. She has such a mythical aura around her and her voice is gorgeous and i buy all her records.
I think being your own individual is important and not being afraid to be different is what I love the most about her.

Can you tell us something about yourself we may not know already?

Well, there are many things I could tell you but it’s more about what I should divulge. Music wise, one of the first songs I wrote at College was a rap which at the time we thought was cool but upon reflection was terrible. Personally, I’m terrified of needles! I can’t have my blood taken or see a needle or even if anyone pinches me I can’t stand it.

To finish off, what’s next for Cecil, and what do you have on the horizon?

I’m currently busy playing lots of festivals so that keeps me busy. I am recording my new music which I’m super excited about. One of them is going to have a music video with a super cool visual so I can’t wait for that to land. Can’t say much on it yet but it should be out around October this year so keep your eyes peeled.

Check out Cecil’s latest, Black Maria below: