We all know that the Internet provides so much opportunity for new takes on old ideas, but a concept often overlooked are artists that start their journey on YouTube. From the artists perspective it’s not a dedicated music platform so it sometimes doesn’t register on their radar, but it provides a monumental amount of musical discovery, as well as a visual dimension.

Newcomer Jodie Mellor made a name for herself on YouTube by putting her spin on some of her favourite songs and is now finessing the transition into her own work. Just one listen to her EP Know Me Well, and you’ll see that she’s so much more than just a pristine voice but a promising artist with a defined vision that’s soon to outgrow her humble YouTube beginnings. With no doubt plenty more music to come on a career that’s just started, Jodie is an artist to keep your eyes and ears peeled for.

We caught up with her to let her tell some of her so far untold story:

Hey Jodie! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. To start with, how would describe your own sound?

I find describing my sound so difficult as I think its a blend of many different genres. I usually describe it as pop with undertones of folk, indie rock and country, maybe even some RnB if you listen to Temporary. It’s a bit of everything!

We love your Know Me Well EP, however you found your footing uploading covers to YouTube – how natural did the transition feel into your own work?

Thank you! I’ve been writing since I was extremely young, so my dream has always been to release my own music and I saw YouTube as a platform to be able to kickstart that dream. The transition was quite daunting and still is, as I know the majority of my following are here to see the covers. It can be disheartening as my original songs don’t get as much recognition, but it’s understandable. The response I have had to the EP has been so positive and it’s amazing to have my own music out there. I think that if only a handful of the people that watch my covers also enjoy my own music I’m happy!

Through your wonderful covers we get an insight behind your influences, but what influences your music that we won’t expect?

On my channel I mostly cover new releases from chart artists, which of course I love, but I mostly spend my time listening to artists such as The Beatles, Elvis, Frank Sinatra and everything else my Mum bought me up listening to. I just love the 60s sound and nothing can beat it. I also love country. Kacey Musgraves is amazing and I wish I could have her songwriting skills!

Can you tell us something about yourself that we won’t know already?

The first CD I ever owned was Call Off The Search – Katie Melua. I remember my Mum letting me have it from her CD collection and I would sing along to ‘The Closest Thing To Crazy’ over and over again from the little lyric book in the front of the case.

What next can we expect from you? What can we look forward to?

I’ve finally finished school so I now have all my time and energy focused on music, which is amazing. I want to upload more regularly to Youtube and try and grow my channel as well as gigging more – a lot more! I start University in October to study Songwriting, so expect much more original music. I don’t have any plans to release anything soon, but it will come!

Check out Jodie’s Know Me Well EP below:

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