Reuben Hollebon is a new kid to the block, although he has been writing for a while now, it is not until recently that he has been noticed. His latest single ‘Faces’ is definitely an attention grabber. Using layers of intense vocals mixed with heavy, driving percussion to create a powerful, emotional track that could well see more attention coming his way.

We had the chance to catch up with him and chat about his latest single and future plans.

What is happening in the world of Reuben Hollebon currently?

It’s time to make music right now whenever provides, in books, boxes and on stages.

As a bit of background to people who may not have heard of you, how would you describe your music?

Little tales full of noise, the combination of vocals and guitar is meant to be the first thing that grabs, and most tracks are built around such, but the rest is open season.

How long have you been writing music for?

Three or four years, stockpiling maybe, it has been neither easy or fast to turn them out to others.

Now, your sound has changed a bit with the release of Faces, less of the gentle acoustic guitar tunes and more intensity. Was there any particular inspiration behind this?

I wouldn’t pin it as a change, i just had a longer run up to making this track, it’s full of danger and the music tries to contain that, direction is open and roaming, some moments feel oppressing and others are full of space. This song is knocking at the various parts that make up a person and although there’s not much involved musically it’s meant to smack and scratch away.

And is this more of the sound we should expect from future releases?

I ain’t gonna lock that down yet, the songs that go out on their way so far have varied in their style and intent.

What is in the pipelines? Do you have any plans for the future? Such as an album or EP…

I’m making music, the rest falls into place as it goes, I still hold on to an album being the best frame for a collection of songs, and i’ve got a good idea of what it could be

Are there any plans for a tour currently?

Some, it’s a few lives dates with the rest of the band and some recording, but we are waiting for the opportunity to get on the road and stay there

Apart from music are there any other hobbies that you enjoy or get passionate about?

I like people. People are good, anything that involves restating that to the rest of me is a good thing, seeing what others are making in their life helps.

Why not check out Reuben Hollebon’s Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud

You can stream his latest single ‘Faces’ below