Before the opening night of their UK tour at Corporation in Sheffield, we quickly caught up with Brian Sella and Matt Uychich (aka The Front Bottoms) to talk about their most recent album, touring, and future collaborations with Manchester Orchestra.

It’s the first night of the UK tour, are you excited for it?

Brian: Fuck yeah!

How do the UK crowds compare to everywhere else that you play?

Brian: They’re just as awesome! It’s surprising to come over to a different country and there’s still at least some people who show up and have a good time, it’s very exciting.

Do you find that you get smaller crowds over here than when you’re back home?

Brian: Yeah, a little bit. We haven’t been over here as much as we’ve been playing in America, so there’s that whole aspect.

And this is your fourth time here?

Brian: Fourth time, yeah.

Matt: And this is the second time that band Panda Watch has been on the first show of the tour!

How has the reception been with songs from Talon of the Hawk? Do the crowds seem to prefer the new or old material?

Matt: I mean, here, we don’t know. In the States, people like Talon. We just play whatever we’re gonna play and they like it!

So what sort of set list can we expect?

Brian: It’ll be a bit of everything, maybe a little more new stuff because we realised we haven’t played any new stuff over here, except ‘Twin Size Mattress’ which was a closer. But other than that, we haven’t gotten to play anything new over here so we’re trying to mess around with that.

Do you find your crowds are mostly old fans coming back or new people who’ve not seen you before?

Matt: I think there’ve been a lot more new people than we had before. People come back but I think there’s new people coming out that have never seen The Front Bottoms play.

We heard there was a possibility of releasing the first two albums on vinyl, is that likely to happen?

Brian: We like messing around with ideas of things to do. We’ve gotta do one more album with Bar None Records, and then we’re gonna try to figure something out to do with those older albums. Something fun, maybe like a bunch of seven inches, each with a couple of songs on, or something like that. We’re still kinda messing around with that idea.

Would you re-record them at all?

Brian: I don’t know. That’s another thing in question. I wouldn’t mind re-recording them, but I wouldn’t wanna spend too much time recording them just because those original recordings are what they were, those songs are what they came out as. I never had any intention of anyone listening to them, it was just like “these are fun”.

So you have one more album with Bar None, have you started writing anything for that?

Brian: Not really writing full songs, just a lot of ideas bouncing around to stay fresh.

After the Europe shows you’re going on tour with Manchester Orchestra, right?

Brian: Yeah, we go to Canada for a week then on tour with Manchester Orchestra.

We heard you might be doing a split with Manchester Orchestra, can you tell us anything more about that?

Matt: We have an idea, we’re working on it. We’re gonna do something, but it’s not the split that everyone thinks it’s going to be.

Brian: It’s probably not going to be new songs, it’ll probably be something fun. Maybe covers or something like that. It’s just an idea at the moment.

Would you cover each others songs?

Brian: Maybe, it’s still up in the air. We’ll see what ends up happening.