Last month we introduced you to SVĒ, the unsigned pop singer-songwriter who managed to catch people’s attention recently with her track ‘Talking To The Walls’. We decided to have a quick chat with her to find out where she’s come from and where she’s going!

There’s not a lot of information about you on the Internet, could we get a brief overview of who you are?

A hard working musician raised by two amazing humans.

How did you get involved in music? What (or who) inspired you?

One of the first movies I saw when I moved to America was The Little MERMAID, that hooked me. Along with watching the MTV in the 90s, and The Mickey Mouse Club. I loved Britney Spears from when she was 14 onwards, I knew she would become a mega star. And of course, the genius MAX MARTIN!

Were you involved in any other projects before ‘SVĒ’?

From my last year of college until about a year ago, I was writing all sorts of music of different genres. I was so consumed with writing what I thought people would think was cool or what would get me “accepted” versus writing the music that actually represented me. Now, I happily view my last project as a great writing catalogue, it just simply shows my range and ability as a writer, but I can honestly say I’ve never been happier making the music I am making now.

How long have you been writing music?

I’ve been writing music since I was 19. If it wasn’t for a few amazing professors pushing me at school, I wouldn’t have known I had the ability to do it.

How have you found the reaction to ‘Talking To The Walls’?

Oh my God, I think I cried for four days straight (from shock and happiness). I was so scared to release it, I knew I had something so special and I just wanted it to shine. I am so grateful, the kindness I have received from websites, strangers and bloggers is just unbelievable. Who would have thought… You make honest music and suddenly magic happens!

How did you meet Kyle Patrick, and what led to you working with him?

We met through his best friend, Jesse Ruben. We ended up working on a few top line projects together, and I had always wanted to secretly write with him, but I never thought I was good enough. He went away to tour in South East Asia and I sent him a demo of ‘Talking To The Walls’. He later responded with “I want to produce this song”, so I flew to Singapore to see him perform and start working on it. He has believed in me from start of this entire thing, I couldn’t be in better hands.

How did the concept for the ‘Talking To The Walls’ video come about?

David Kruta, my director, was the man behind the idea. A tragic love story. When he told his idea, my eyes lit up.

Can you briefly explain the video?

This video moves through two worlds, dream and reality. I’m in consistent search of what is/was real. The key to figuring out the story is paying attention to the details. Why am I wearing a mask in the woods but not in the house? Why am I tying up locks of my hair? In the end I find what I’m looking for… Then I simply have a choice, and my choice was to not survive in a dead world.

Do you have any more tracks written/recorded? If so, when can we expect to hear those?

Yes there are more songs recorded. You will hear them in 2014!

Do you have plans for an EP or album?

Yes! Full length, maybe 10 songs.

Are you looking to perform live in the future?

Most definitely! I dance around in my bedroom all the time, practicing in the mirror. I’ve been doing it since I was four, and I’m ready to show people the girl behind closed doors.

As it’s the end of the year, we’re finding out everyone’s ‘albums of the year’! So, what have been your five favourite albums on 2013?

Honestly, I have not been impressed by any records in a long time. Albums have become extremely excessive and have way too many songs. Slow down! Lots of great singles, but because six extra filler songs are thrown on albums, the product is instantly dulled for me.

I will give you one, Heal by Loreen! [Originally came out in 2012 but saw a 2013 re-release]