Following the release of their sixth album Lost Forever // Lost Together, we met up with Architects front-man Sam Carter ahead of the band’s show at The Institute in Birmingham to discuss the album, the tour, and future collaborations.

The new album Lost Forever // Lost Together came out Monday, how has the reaction been so far?

Really crazy, definitely it’s the best reaction we have ever had to a record. It’s quite shocking really, midweek we were 11th in the top 40, it’s been overwhelming, I am really flattered by it.

I saw you tweeted it was 50 copies behind Beyoncé…

Yes it’s really crazy I can’t believe it. It’s really cool, not just for us, but for heavy music.

Well yes, actually I was saying recently that UK metal is the strongest it has been in years, like you guys, the new Bury Tomorrow, Zoax…

It’s all coming up. We have been around for a long time, we’ve seen it go through some dire straits, but it is coming back for sure.

Of course, ‘Naysayer’ and ‘Broken Cross’ have been around for a while, but how have crowds taken to the new songs?

Really well actually, they’ve fully fit into the set like old classics. They’ve gone in and they’re really fun to play, and the response has been awesome to them. ‘Broken Cross’ and ‘Naysayer’ are two of my favourite songs to play in the set, so they will be in there for a long time now!

Just as a side note, when ‘Naysayer’ came out I was like “is this the same band”? Your vocals in particular are just incredible.

I really appreciate that, thank you!

The live YouTube stream of the Brighton show on Monday night (March 10th) was an interesting idea and a way of helping others who may not have been interested in seeing you in engage with the live show, can we expect more of these and do you think more bands will carry on the concept?

It was a cool thing to do, I don’t know if we will do it again because it was so fucking terrifying, having everyone to hear us… It really was a terrifying thing to do, but it was a cool experience and a special show for us, it was a really good night for us as well!

So you felt more pressure with it going out worldwide then?

Oh hell yes! We were so nervous, we were wrecked. All the industry were there, family, girlfriends, then the rest of the world and the people at the show…

The new album is quite a bit heavier than your older material, was this a conscious decision within the band or was it more of a natural progression?

It just happened really naturally, we did 100 Days (film documentary) and that tour, and we were really enjoying playing the heavier songs, so I think as soon as Tom started writing, it was very natural. Once we had started, we were all like “okay, let’s make this obnoxious, let’s make this really heavy”. But yes, the way it came out, I don’t think any of us thought it would come out as good as it has.

Lyrically, the album is very focused on political themes, again was that an intentional group decision or just natural given the current climate and projecting your own frustrations?

Again, it’s sort of like there is still constant stuff happening in the world which needs to be addressed. It is important, I think, especially for kids and people who like music. I mean, I didn’t learn anything at school, and didn’t take anything from it, but I did learn a lot growing up through the music I listened to and I think especially nowadays, kids can learn a lot from what we say.

I’m not saying we have a big platform to do so, but I feel like if you do have any sort of platform then you have a responsibility to say something important.

Daybreaker also shared similar themes; do you think the political stance is something that will stick with the band now?

Yes I think it will fit until, I mean there’s a line on the record, “we will be here until corruption quits” , and we will keep singing it until it’s sorted out or gets addressed.

You changed label for the record, do you feel it rejuvenated the band in a way?

Well, we had a five album record deal with Century Media and when we did Daybreaker, that was it with them. They weren’t very supportive as a label. It was nice to have some enthusiasm from a label, Epitaph straight away loved what we were doing and backed us, and it’s been really nice to have them on board and working with us.

With the album currently flying high (Number 11 at time of interview) in the midweek charts and your popularity growing faster than ever, can we expect more dates later on in the year, perhaps bigger venues?

Maybe not this year, but next year. There are festival talks going on right now, but I mean who wouldn’t want to come back and tour after this? It’s been crazy, man. I mean, the only reason we can’t come back next week is because we would have to hold off a little bit. But, there are plans in the works; we were already talking before this tour about where we’re going next.

You have the US tour coming up with Letlive., any chance of it coming over here?

A lot of people have been talking about that actually and I wouldn’t write it off, it would be great to have them over here!

I caught them end of last year, and it just blew my mind, Jason getting caught in the venue rafters…

He is a fucking maniac and that’s why I love him! We will have to see, we will have to see… But I’m sure something along the lines will happen soon.

On that subject, you have done bits and pieces together onstage before, is there any chance of that crossing into the studio, like they have their renditions series?

Well I haven’t actually spoken to them, but I would love to do some sort of thing on their renditions record, it’s great. We are very good friends and that’s how these guest spots always happen. You get drunk or you are just hanging out and it happens, well that is how every guest spot I’ve ever done or everyone that we have ever had happened!

Well you had Oli Sykes on the last album, and I guess this is my inner fan speaking out a bit, but it would be cool to hear!

Well, I’d love Jason on one of our records! He’s such a talent, he’s got a great voice.

What does the rest of the year have in store for Architects?

Well, just another year of touring, it is what we do. We’ve put out the record and then we are off for a year/year and half, probably back for Christmas pretty similar to last year… Just get really tired and exhausted, write another record and do it to all again. It’s what we do!

So you really do live on the road! Just what is that like?

It’s great. I mean, it isn’t for everyone, but I’ve always been quite drawn to adventure. When I was younger, I always wanted to be away and that drive pushes you to do it more. Now I’m older, obviously I want to be home a lot more to see family and girlfriends, but it is great. You get to play shows every night with your friends and you live the dream.

The band’s stunning new album Lost Forever // Lost Together is available now through Epitaph Records.