Those of you who’ve read our coverage on Horizon Festival may be familiar with the name Dub Phizix, a drum and bass DJ/producer hailing from up in Manchester with the rather lesser-known civilian name of George Ovens. Most well-known for the monster tune ‘Marka’, his impact on the industry is impressive to say the least, with collaborations spinning in every direction. An entity of energy in the live scene and a creative whizz within the studio arena, we managed to catch him for a few words following the festival.

Hey! First off, the easiest and most casual question ever formed by man – how’s it going?

All good. How are you?

Very good! We met briefly in a strip club over at Horizon Festival in Bulgaria, let me start by saying your set was amazing. Alongside the other boys from Exit Records you totally tore it up! How did you find it? You must have a weird story or two from it?

Yeah I have. You know that bit when I was playing a set in a strip club? That was weird.

I saw on your Facebook page that you’ve never skied. Did you manage to change that fact while over in Bansko?

Nah, bun skiing. I was pretty sick on a sledge when I was a kid though. There was a massive hill across from my house. I sledged the fuck out of it. Me and my cousin invented another winter sport though. His street was totally flat and when it was icy, one of you got in a bin bag and the other one would sling you across the ice. It was fuckin’ sick. I reckon it could catch on.

I have to ask out of personal curiosity (and to settle some bets). Skis or snowboards?

Neither. Flat ice bin bag slinging.

Without intentionally being a suckup, the highlight of our stay over there was the insane Exit Records secret party featuring yourself, Skeptical, Strategy and dBridge. What was your favourite part of the festival and why?

Probably that bit. I had my keks down. It was so liberating.

You’ve worked with quite a lot of people over your career already, with collaborations such as the massive ‘Marka’ featuring Strategy and Skeptical. What’s been the best and the worst collabs so far?

The best one was ‘Marka’, ’cause so many people liked it. The worst one was ‘Marka’, ’cause I had to work with Strategy.

If you could work with any artist (or person in general I suppose) ever – dead or alive – who would it be and why?

Winston Churchill. Imagine the bars he could spit.

Some people listen to the radio, others drink an insane amount of tea, and I once knew a guy who could only do it hungover. What conditions do you need to write new tracks? Is there anything that particularly inspires you?

People inspire me. Especially the people I’m close to. To make music, I just need my ears and at least a tambourine.

What was the last song you listened to on your iPod?

Art Taylor, Curtis Fuller and Paul Chambers – ‘A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening’

What’s the guiltiest pleasure track/album you have on there?

Rick Ross – ‘9 Piece’

I’m excited to see you’re playing the Village Underground (London) on April 4th, it’ll be great to see you play again. When you’re up on stage, are there any tracks in particular that you know will shake the room?

2 Unlimited – ‘There’s No Limit (DJ Marky Remix feat. Mr Motivator)’

Every performer has at least one mad story in their history. What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you whilst out on a show/tour?

This one time in Bulgaria. I played a set in a strip club with me keks down.

What’s next for you? Anything big planned?

Yeah, I’m gonna be prime minister, but first I need to buy some decent shoes.