We’ve spoken about the French indie-pop trio We Were Evergreen before, having reviewed their debut album Towards from earlier this year and caught them supporting Villagers in late 2013. We had a chat with the guys to find out about their best (and worst) experiences as a band, as well as their plans for the future.

For any of our readers who have never heard your music, can you explain what you’re all about in five words?

Movement, rhythm, groove, textures, myths.

You guys released your debut album, Towards, earlier this year. What has been happening since then?

We toured the album in Europe, played Glastonbury for the first time, played with a string quartet and a choir, recorded some covers, and got to enjoy a theme park all by ourselves. And it’s not over: this autumn we’re playing in Hong Kong and the Philippines!

What is a typical day/week like for you?

They’re all quite different, depending if we’re on the road, working at home or in the studio. But they all start with a good breakfast.

What are your favourite and least favourite things about being on the road?

The best thing about being on the road is playing to a different crowd every night. The worst thing is having motorway meals every day.

What has been your favourite festival of 2014?

Wilderness was incredible: there was a stage invasion during our last song and we sang with a choir on the main stage. Reading was also a massive surprise, the audience was unbelievable.

And what has been your best gig as a band to date?

Playing in Beirut last year was unforgettable. There was a power cut towards the end of the set and we finished in the middle of the crowd, which was incredible.

Which of your tracks gets the best live reception, and which do you have the most fun performing?

We really like to play ‘Belong’, particularly when we are all on the drums. It’s always the climax of the set and it’s often quite a cathartic experience.

We heard that ‘Golden Fire’ was originally called ‘Golden Lion’, what’s the story behind that?

We wrote and recorded the music for a children’s play called Big Red Bath which is being played around the UK. ‘Golden Lion’ was a song about one of the characters (you guessed it: a lion). We liked it so much we wanted it to have on the album, with different lyrics and different arrangements.

Coming from Paris, do you find there is a different vibe between French and UK audiences?

It depends on which city you are playing and which type of venue. Paris and London’s audiences are quite similar, sometimes French audiences can be a bit warmer but UK festivals beat pretty much any other festival RE: the craziness of it all.

What has been your worst nightmare as a band so far?

Once we had to play to an almost empty venue, and to top it all off, two very drunk people got in a fight with the bouncer right in front of us and were dragged away screaming.

What is your wildest story as a band?

All we can say is that it happened it Leeds (as every wild story does), and involved handcuffs and an abandoned roof.

Five years from now, where do you see yourselves?

Recording our, let’s say, fourth album. In the meantime, Michael will have become a bowling champion, William a golf champion and Fabienne will have finally finished Twin Peaks season two. Actually no, season three.

Is there a second album on the cards?

Yes! Well, still in our heads for now, but we’ll start early next year to work on it.

And finally… If you guys were a fruit, what would you be and why?

We’d be tomato and then we’d spend our time debating whether or not we’re a fruit.