We sat down with Dan Parkin of One Night Only after their Bristol show last week to have a chat about their new material and long awaited return.

It has been a long time since your last album, can you tell us a little about the new album and the direction the band are taking with the new material?

Yes, it has been a long time since the last record, but we mainly have spent it writing and recording. We did this with a producer who really had a big influence on where the new material has gone alongside where we wanted the music to go. So we really have been collaborating with him over it. Our producer really had a big influence on a lot of the guitar work and rhythm. He just wanted to take it somewhere completely different. He was a big influence on a lot of our guitar work and rhythm. He had a vision for it when we met with him, then we started to get into the studio and worked with him and it went from there. That is why it has taken a long time; you know a lot of thought goes in regarding how far we should take it. We didn’t want to alienate old fans; we wanted it to be inclusive. We also didn’t to come out with a John Cage record or a bizarre record of 46 minutes of jazz-fusion. So it has just been getting all of that right, that sort of thing, new stuff but keeping it kind of familiar and distinct.

How has the band grown since the last release?

We have obviously grown with age over the past few years; we’ve all grown as people over the last few years, a very formative period. We’re all sort of self-sufficient now, that’s what has brought us closer than we were probably when we were touring previously. The years have brought us closer together, and now everyone has got a real sense of where they want to take this and how they want to do that than perhaps in the past when were younger.

What are the bands biggest influences with regards to this new record musically other than the Jazz that you have mentioned earlier?

Yeah, we had a lot of listening sessions and things like that. We sat around listening to old vinyl records and just sort of listened to weird obscure 70s disco as well and realized we didn’t want to do that because that was just weird. So stuff like old classics like prince. We listened to a lot of percussion, because that is really a strong theme running through the record. Mainly old disco records and took ideas from there.

How have the fans responded to this change and shift in direction?

It is early days; we’ve only released two singles. As far as it has been, it has been positive. There will probably be people who don’t get along with the new direction compared to the old one. But from what we’ve seen, tonight and the only other gig we’ve done so far—a comeback gig in London at a small venue, I think it is going good.

I hear that the band is now independent and representing yourselves, how would you say that this has effected the band, is it more difficult?

Well you can look at it as more difficult or you can see it as having more freedom. There is probably more work involved in it but you get more final creative say on everything, so that is really refreshing for us. I think it’s the first time in our careers as a band in which we have actually had that, it’s been great to get that now we have a clearer idea and sort of learnt a bit as we’ve gone along. You know, bits and pieces in different areas. It’s really lucky it’s come now we’ve got a clearer idea of how we are driving forward and we love it.

What plans does One Night Only have for 2015 aside from the album and this tour?

Let’s get the album and tour out of the way first. But no, we’re hoping to take it around Europe perhaps later in the year and a couple more singles, and then releasing the album, and then we’ll really see where it takes us. I don’t think we can start looking too far past it. I hope there’s going to be another UK tour before the end of the year, I’m sure there will be. It’s just literally getting the record out and seeing what comes really.

One Night Only finally made a long anticipated return to touring at Thekla, Bristol. The band last played the venue four years ago and have been off the scene up until recently. Kicking off their set with one of their catchy new tracks ‘Get Around To It’, the crowd seemed absolutely delighted that the band have returned.

Although the crowd seem a bit calm for the first few songs, they do not fail to sing along and get livelier with the bands performance of ‘Bring Me Back Down’. Evident throughout the set was the fact that the band had definitely matured sonically over the years and have adopted a brand new sound. They however have not changed enough to alienate fans who were enjoying the spectacular show that was being put on. The band emphasized on the importance of their fan base to their career. They even announced that they wanted fans to get involved in their new music video by taking footage of themselves and the band at the show. This footage would then be used by the band alongside their own tour footage for a new music video.

Even though the band experienced some technical problems, they still continued on and apologised to an understanding crowd who enjoy an instrumental put on by the rest of the band, whilst frontman George Craig fixed the problem with his amplifier. Upon fixing the technical issues, the band put on a extraordinary performance of their two most popular tracks, ‘Say You Don’t Want It’ and ‘Just For Tonight’ which are favourites of the crowd. The show ended on a high note, an excellent start for the tour and return to touring for the band despite the few technical difficulties that were faced.