We recently caught up with some of the members of The Mispers before their show supporting Kodaline in Bristol to talk about tour and their new material.

We started off the interview with Joey Zapata and Jordan Graspino from the band.

How is the Tour with Kodaline going so far?

It’s going amazing, the guys are so great and they are really humble. It’s nice to meet people like that because, you know, they are selling out these massive venues. They’re just so down to Earth and very chill. They are also very encouraging to us as well. The other support acts have been great as well

Despite being a fairly new band, you’ve supported a fair few artists such as Saint Raymond in the past, how was that experience differed from this one?

Saint Raymond was pretty cool! He was a lovely guy! It was slightly different from this experience. It was different in the way that we were playing smaller venues. On this one, its different venues. All the venues are like between a thousand and three thousand. The tour with Callum was a bit smaller, but he is probably doing these sized venues now, he’s doing really well. We shared a tour bus with Callum but on this one we have got our own little, tiny yellow van. It’s not as glamorous, but it’s still fun though! But yeah, it’s amazing. We’ve played with Hudson Taylor and supported Jack Garratt too – he’s a friend of ours.

At this point, Jack Balfour Scott walks in and Joins the interview.

Can you tell us a little bit about your new single ‘Weekend’ which is out on the 13th of April?

It’s just like a happy song about getting out of the daily routine and struggles. Two of us went out to Australia for a year to write before started. We were busking and playing shit songs and writing terrible music. Nah, we were actually playing good songs, but they just sounded bad when we played them. Yeah, ‘Weekend’ is just about getting away from it all, its positive escapism if you will. Just like focusing on what you are escaping to instead of what you are escaping from. It’s definitely a summer tune, something you would play at festivals.

What was the recording and writing process like for this single? In what ways has the newer material evolved from the likes of your second EP Dark Bits?

We would say that it has become slightly more commercially acceptable. The recording experience was much nicer, because we went to this residential studio. It’s where you go and sleep at the studio and there was this lovely couple who made us a lot of home cooked pies, so that was lovely. We worked with a producer called Steve Harris, he’s a really nice guy and he’s done a lot of the Kodaline stuff – both of their albums. So all around, a very nice experience.

What can we expect from the band in 2015 besides the latest single and the tour with Kodaline?

HASHTAG BIG THINGS! Yeah, no, we want to get an album going, hopefully it will be out at some point this year. Obviously the festival season as well. We always say that, it is bloody hard to tell at this stage. All we can do is just play each show as it comes, and literally making sure that each show is the best show that we play. Maybe America? Maybe Australia? Who knows.

Photo by Jack Lawson.