Synthpop power trio Prides are currently well underway into their huge UK run. We caught up with singer Stewart Brock ahead of the Manchester show, with some quickfire questions. He talks the legendary JT, Stoke-On Trent and their song Higher Love.


Favourite gig you’ve been to?

Best shows I’ve seen live are probably Justin Timberlake (both his Future, Sex, Love, Sounds tour, and 20/20 tour), or Bruce Springsteen. Also T-Swizz, that shit was insane.

What instruments can you play and what’s the most fun?

I play the piano, a little guitar, and I used to play the flute at school. I keep thinking I should get back into it so I can break into impromptu jazz flute solos a la Ron Burgundy.

Piano is definitely my first instrument, and the most fun to play. If I go too long without sitting at a piano I get tetchy.

Do you have a favourite venue?

Koko London, Ironworks Inverness and the Webster Hall Manhattan are probably up there.

Stewart, why do people call you Stoke?

Because I’m from Stoke on Trent! It’s one of those ridiculous nicknames you pick up in first year halls, and it just stuck. For a long time people didn’t know my real name.

Funniest film you’ve seen?

One of my favourite films, and probably one I’ve watched more than any other is The Wedding Singer, it really does crack me up. Adam Sandler at his best, plus one of the greatest movie soundtracks of all time!

Tell us a strange gig story?

We were playing in New York once and Michael Cera came down. It’s weird when you see people like that in the flesh, it’s like celebrity safari.

If you could go back in time without the butterfly effect being an issue, what would you do?

Go hang out with Fleetwood Mac in the studio whilst they recorded Rumours. Stevie Nicks in particular…

Best 90’s song?

Anything from The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Ex-Factor or Doo Wop are two songs in particular I could still listen to on repeat.

What gave you the inspiration to write Higher Love?

A girl I was madly in love with. I used to sing Steve Winwood’s Higher Love a lot in the bar where she worked. I tried to continue his idea of “show me a higher love”, with the idea that I’d actually found it; “I know there’s a higher love, I know this is it for us”. 

What places would you like to tour again, and why?

Romania is up there for me! We played an amazing festival there last year and the people were amazing. America has been really good to us too, and whenever we’re in New York I fall deeper in love with it. I’m hoping we get to see as much of the world as we can, and meet as many people as we can.