Female fronted New Years Day give a darker twist to the rock world with their music. With a fanbase akin to the likes of Motionless In White and Marilyn Manson, these California natives you’re sure to get something interesting and mysterious with them and also a lot of makeup. We caught up with singer Ash Costello ahead of their Manchester show with Escape The Fate to talk touring the UK twice, the iconic Manson and festivals.

You’ve just finished the tour with Motionless In White and this is the first date on this tour with Escape The Fate are you excited to get out to mainland Europe on this tour as you didn’t get to with the Motionless tour?

Yeah! Last time we were there was with Marilyn Manson and it was too short, but it was really fun.

How many dates did you have to cancel on that tour? (Because of the Paris attacks)         

Two weeks, it just felt like the right thing to do at that point, there was no question about it. Everyone just wanted to get home pretty much, and just be in their own beds, you just feel safer when you’re at home.

And you’re all fans of Marilyn Manson, so how was that for you?

It was really nerve wracking! Just imagine your hero, like your absolute hero in the whole wide world and trying to be cool. He was so nice and he took a liking to me which I’m okay with!

Did you get good receptions from the crowd, I assume a lot of people would be new to your music?

There was a language barrier, and a lot of people had obviously never heard of us. So I feel like they were just soaking us in. But we saw the turn around, I can tell on the internet or after a show if we made an impact or not.

You and Motionless In White share similar fanbases, and it definitely showed on that tour, I came out to a few of the dates. Are you expecting the same thing this time?

Oh Yeah! I mean it’s not as identical, it’s not the exact same fanbase but Escape The Fate’s isn’t too far off.

And you’re playing some of the same venues as well, is it nice to kind of hit everything while you’re over here instead of flying back home to come back a few months later?

Yeah, I hate flying so it’s nice.

I want to talk a bit about the album, what was the difference in recording between Victim To Villain and Malevolence?

There’s a lot of differences, Victim To Villain, I still considered us a fairly new-ish band and we were still trying to develop our sound which I feel like we still are really. But with Malevolence we had a more focused idea of what we wanted to sound like so that was easier. With Victim To Villain we had a lot of time but with Malevolence we had just got home from Motionless In White, went into the studio the next day and had to record up until leaving for Warped Tour so we only had 31 days to record with nothing prepared because of our touring schedule so it was really difficult.

Do you think that affected the album for better or worse?        

I don’t know, it’s hard to say if it made it better or worse but I tend to dwell on my decisions a lot. Is that a good lyric? Is this a good part? Is this a good song? I beat it to death, and I didn’t have time to do that, I had to just make decisions and be good with it and move on. So that was different for me because I usually OCD, overthink everything so I don’t know if that helped or hurt it.


Ash Costello of New Years Day by Kelly Hamilton

Do you feel people tend to shy away from you guys because of how you present yourself on stage with the make-up and clothes?

I feel like maybe in the beginning but now I feel like it brings people in. Maybe in the beginning people were a little hesitant because of the way we look, not even me, more so the boys because they wear more make-up than I do. So I think definitely in the beginning, especially other guys, it made people shy away from giving us a chance.

You guys played Download Festival last year. How was that considering it pretty much rained the whole time?

Oh it was amazing, besides the mud. We went a day early to check it out and we checked out our stage which was like fucking 20 miles away and the band we saw at the time had like maybe 30 kids there. So I was like “man, this is going to suck but we’re here, this is our starting point.” Then we walk on stage at noon and not only is the tent at capacity, it’s beyond. It couldn’t have gone any better and I was not expecting that at all. It was such a huge surprise for us.

You also did Contemptress live with Motionless In White at Download too, how was that?

I always get nervous to sing with Chris, even if there’s 40 people or 4,000 people, because I never know what’s going to happen between us.

You had been playing it on the Motionless In White tour last week also?

I’ve probably sung Contemptress like over 100 times now but I still get nervous because it’s Chris. I don’t know if we’re going to hold hands or kiss or he’s going to be mad at me that day and not look at me or think I’m mad. Like you never know, we just get so wrapped up in that song you just never know what’s going to happen.

How is it different doing Download to doing like Warped Tour, do you feel more at home there or does it not really matter?

What’s cool about over here is the surprise, we did our first headlining show here last year and it sold out, and I just didn’t know so many people liked us here, so that was a huge surprise to us, a very pleasant, totally unexpected surprise. This is starting to feel more like home but there’s so much weird stuff to get used to.

I feel like crowds here, especially in Manchester are very welcoming.

The only problem we had was two shows ago, it was a sold out show but the crowd, I just wanted to beat them all to death. It was still good but that was my least favourite show.

Any chance seeing you back later in the year?

Yeah we have a lot of plans to do festivals out here and I think we’re starting to plan our first headliner here!


Images by Kelly Hamilton

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