Ahead of their explosive show in Cardiff, we caught up with Black Peaks frontman Will Gardner to discuss everything from their album Statues, going home to Brighton and their huge goals for the future.

So ‘Statues’ is almost six months old, how has the past few months been for you guys?
Has it!? Wow, amazing! We’ve been sitting on it for so long as well it’s crazy. Can’t believe that’s six months.

So this is the second tour of the UK since the release of the album?
Yeah, well since the release of the album we haven’t really stopped. Because we had Deftones a month after ‘Statues’ came out, and then we started playing festivals and playing all over Europe. It seems like this is the first official tour since then, but we haven’t really stopped and have been playing mini tours up until now. It would’ve been from April all the way to October kind of tour.

The tour is coming to an end soon, what have been the memorable moments?
Memorable, definitely Ukraine and Romania. Of this tour, all of them have been so good. Playing with HECK every night has been incredible, such an entertaining night to be part of. I really enjoyed the second London show particularly. Bristol was amazing as well, but yeah Ukraine and Romania were two of my favourites that were mental, main stages, and 6,000 people. Download Festival as well was ridiculous.

You’ve announced the homecoming show in Brighton, ‘Statues’ in full. What else can the fans expect?
In between the end of this tour and December, nothing that we can announce. We’re not really sure but there are somethings in the pipeline that might be happening. But yeah, we’ll see what happens. But the December show is the big one. That gig is going to be amazing.

Excited to be going home?
Yeah, it’s going to be nice to see our girlfriends. We can’t even think about it yet because we’re not even halfway through yet so we’ll enjoy playing some more shows, seeing more of Europe again is going to be awesome.

Are you taking a break after the Brighton show?
After December? We’re not sure. There are always things going on behind the scenes. But hopefully the December show will finish off the year with a massive bang. We’ve always wanted to play there, hopefully people buy tickets, the line-up is ridiculous so fingers crossed.

And you handpicked the support acts. Why Press to MECO, Bossk and Krokodil?
Press to MECO because we’ve tried to take out on tour a couple of times. They’re amazing and super nice guys, a really great band and quite unique. Bossk never play and that’s because they’re super special. The only shows they do play are incredible; they just did Cult of Luna tour and some other shows like that and they’re phenomenal. Then Krokodil, we know Dan P Carter, they’re just a fucking riff machine. They sound like early Mastodon but chuggy and shoutier. That whole night is going to be insane.

Touching on Brighton, the devastating passing of Tom Searle from Architects last month, did you know Tom?
Yeah, I went to college with him I knew him very well.

Architects really led the way for heavy bands coming from Brighton right?
Yeah, they were part of this whole scene that started this out. Not necessarily the things we do, but they definitely carved a path and smashed out the scene with their kind of style. They’ve grafted so hard over the past ten years it’s really difficult to hear about Tom going really. He put absolutely everything into doing that band, it’s tough.

There are so many bands from Brighton these days like Arcane Roots, The Xcerts, Marmozets. You must’ve seen a lot of them over the festival period?
Not Marmozets, but The Xcerts we did. It was really nice to see those guys at 2000 Trees. But we didn’t see them a lot this year either, we saw HECK a lot this time actually. And Lonely the Brave a bit, we only saw the Xcerts once. It was nice to see them, they’re super nice guys. We all do our own thing but it’s lovely to see everyone. We hook up at a studio called Brighton Electric. That’s where all the Brighton bands rehearse so we end up bumping into those guys a lot. But we should hang out more. We should call those guys up, “right, Brighton bands time, we’re going out.”

Now on to festivals, for most heavy bands the Holy Grail is Download Festival. How was it?
It was fucking amazing. I was pretty much laughing throughout the whole set because I was having the best fucking time. It was one of the best gigs of the summer. We saw Deftones as we were walking in to the artist area, and they were like “hey, come get tequila with us later”. Fucking crazy! Shame about the weather although it was epic watching Black Sabbath in the rain.

Excluding Download, what were your favourite festivals of the summer?
I’d say Rock for People. That was a great day. It was in the most epic location in the middle of an ex-soviet military base. We got to see Enter Shikari for the first time and that was definitely one of the highlights of the summer.

Are you guys going to be able to catch Dillinger Escape Plan in January?
Fingers crossed! We have an inside ticket person. I need to see them before they go; I’ll be so fucked off if I miss the Brighton gig. We really want to play that gig!

Have you offered to be the support act?
We’ve asked.

‘Statues’ is still very new, but have you guys thought about album two yet?
Yeah, we’re definitely thinking about it. We’ve written some tunes, we’ve got loads of riffs. I think we’re going to go away and do a proper writing session. Hopefully we’ll release something (early 2017) but I have no idea.

You’re full of confidence. What do you want to achieve in Black Peaks?
Headline Wembley, we could try. Brixton next year, I don’t know. Why not just keep playing with some awesome bands. Tour, play bigger venues, spread the word and hope that the next music we write is our best. And hope that people enjoy what we’re doing along the way as well as seeing some awesome places along the way. We went to a crocodile sanctuary yesterday, it was awesome.