Earlier in March this year, we saw the release of Metome’s Opus Cloud LP on Moph Records, after previous works such as Cloud EP and Phreatic Surface EP. This artist sprung to life 2010, breaking though into the underground music scene in Tokyo. The Opus Cloud LP combines chopped vocals with a fusion of classic jazz elements, intertwining soundscapes with light airy textures that truly compliment the arrangement of the music with a solid progression throughout.

We caught up with Metome to talk about music and his latest release.

How did you get into music? 

I liked music since I was young, I used to listen music from a radio. 
I was in a band when I was a student, and then I started playing guitar and bass.
 At the time, I used to play blues, rock, funk and jazz because of people surrounding me.
 I think when I really started making music might be late, compared to other musicians. I think it was about two or three years ago.

Who are your biggest influences?

When I started making music, I also got interested in club music, (like electronica, dubstep, house, IDM, bass) along with the music I always liked. Then finally, I got this style I have now. 
I think I’m inspired by the sound production of electronica and the rhythm of black music.

There is a clear light jazz influence present in the album, was this planned?

I like jazz, so I think probably I was inspired. There is a club near my house. When I used to go there, I could hear nu-jazz.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the album, was it as fun to make in the studio? 

Thank you! I’m honored that you enjoyed it. 
I made this EP in my studio. 
I went through trial and error in some parts, but I think I finally enjoyed making it.

Are there any tracks that you favour more than the others on the album and if so, why?

I like all of them. But if I had to choose, I might say ‘Water Cycle’ and ‘Paper Moon’ are my favorites.

Was the album made with analogue or digital equipment, or a combination of the two?

I used both analogue and digital. 
I don’t stick to which I use when I’m making music, I usually use them both to make a good balance. 
I think this time, I used digital more.

The artwork for each record is amazing, what is your influence for the art?

Thank you! I focus on making artwork as well as music. I was inspired by a lot of artworks such as films and modern art. 
In my taste, I like a combination of drawings and graphics.

Metome Cloud 1

Metome Cloud /1

What’s your favourite gig that you’ve played?

I played in a summer festival in Japan. Daddy G (Massive Attack) and DJ Krush also played. The scenery was magnificent and It was a good feeling.

What artists are you currently listening to at the moment?

No artists in particular, but I often listen to J-pop whilst studying.

Can we expect any more releases or potential collaborations this year?

Now I’m working on new album, but it will take a while to finish. 
I think I’m going to upload new songs on an EP or SoundCloud, so please check them out!

On the whole, Metome has clearly taken a light-hearted approach to the album, with tasteful and organic sounds which have been refined and executed on each track with precision. Opus Cloud is an album that you can let go and get lost in, and if this is anything to go by, Metome’s upcoming releases should be something to look forward to.

Listen to ‘Water Cycle’ below, and check out Metome’s Twitter and website for future announcements.