It comes as some surprise that, now a decade into their career, Everything Everything are still reaching new heights. With four albums to their name, 2018 sees the band play their biggest headline tour yet, including a date at London’s Alexandra Palace. We had a quick chat with bassist Jeremy Pritchard about their recent music and future plans.

On Record: Get To Heaven is essentially a concept album about a suicide bomber, which is as dark as it gets…

Jeremy: You’re not far off the mark, yeah! And then we’ve had the more recent A Fever Dream album in August last year. They’re kind of companion pieces really, A Fever Dream‘s a little bit less severe, and it’s quite sensitive and a bit more about the emotional fallout from all the world events we were talking about in Get To Heaven

OR: I thought “they can’t go darker than this” and if anything, with A Fever Dream, you kind of have!

Jeremy: Yeah, although I think there’s more humour in the lyrics, there’s more humour from where Jon’s coming from, but then the music is closer to it, in as much that it’s that bit darker. We wanted to make the music on Get To Heaven really colourful, and largely it was, because we were dragging these very heavy concepts around. So that was the juxtaposition, whereas this time around I feel like they’re closer together.

OR: You guys sneak these heavy concepts into the charts, you make music that you can half listen to and think “oh that’s a nice fun song to listen to” and when you actually listen, you think “Christ, that’s dark!”

Jeremy: I do like it to function on both levels in that way. If you just want to dance, you can do that, and if you want to, there is more depth to access as well. I think that’s what makes music last.

OR: That extreme darkness seemed to come in especially on the last two albums. Is that now the Everything Everything sound?

Jeremy: I think it was probably always there actually! It was kind of covered up on Man Alive, and Arc was very introspective but also very dark as well, and I think that’s just the way we’ve always been actually. But I think we get away with it because the music is quite playful and colourful and poppy. We still like pop songs, we still like choruses! I really don’t know what will happen next though. We could go in any number of directions, and I don’t know if we’d commit to any one of them solely. We might make an acoustic techno record… That would be awful, wouldn’t it? We won’t do that.

OR: Have you started work on any new songs?

Jeremy: … We’ve talked about new songs.

OR: You’ve talked about the concept of new songs?

Jeremy: Yeah, I mean, there are still songs from the new album that we’ve not yet played live because we’ve been in the festival mode and we’ve got a big UK tour coming up, our biggest tour ever, in February and March. So, we’re kind of getting to grips with those songs. We’re still unpacking this album.

Tickets for Everything Everything’s tour are on sale now. Dates and details can be found on the poster below.