Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and often artists take that flattery perhaps a little too far in the writing process, forfeiting some of their originality along the way. Vacances chose to work against that notion to create something truly unique. An L.A. based duo of Danny Lannon (The Frail) and production and songwriting partner Alex Fitts (The Kickdrums), Vacances are the electro pop act that have no trouble setting themselves ahead of the heavy competition.

Speaking on their motivation, Danny states – “If I bring in a song that I like or look at as inspiration, we just stop right there and toss it out, Alex really helped to make sure things come from a place that we created and not something that was too heavily influenced by another artist.

Compounding their unique approach the pair headed to Europe to work on their forthcoming EP Strangers – letting the sights, sounds and cultures of somewhere new have an influence on their music. The result is a refreshing take on modern electro pop, with a liberal helping of 80s neon into their stylish new wave.

Check out their latest offering Hearts below: