R&B is a very wide road nowadays, and it’s easy for artists to get lost in the crowds surfing the latest wave of Nu-R&B, popularised by artists like superstar The Weeknd. In any genre, a strong sense of identity is the place to start with when separating yourself from people that just want a slice of that success, and someone who has been working on that identity as an artist since she was a teenager is London based songstress Malunga.

Growing up surrounded by the inspiring breadth of culture that London provides, Malunga takes her passion for Soul music to the stage of Pop music, smartly weaving in flavours of Electro-Pop with contemporary production techniques that could grab anybody’s ear. Atop that dances her strong, battle-hardened voice that’s reminiscent of so many icons of the genre.

Latest Never Let Go is a lament of self confidence that’s ready to whisk you away to place of empowering notions that makes for a gripping three and half minutes in both audio and visual means.