Just one listen to any of London-based songstress RHEA‘s well crafted, deep tracks and you’ll be swept away under the waves of moods that perfectly are encapsulated in her music. No mean feat for any artist, let alone one with so few tracks under her belt.

She takes flavours of soul, contemporary electro and mixes them with her taste for modern hip hop and trap – the perfect space for her passion-filled voice to spin an emotional narrative. We caught up with her to get an insight on the motivation behind the music.

Hi RHEA! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. First off, can you speak to the motivation behind your music?

Yes absolutely! I have always been into soul and hip-hop and loved chilled out synth vibes, so I wanted to explore this and create a really interesting sound that you can chill to, but I wanted it to have a beautiful soundscape to it.  We experimented a lot with different sonics and beats. I love melodies too, and that’s kinda my thing so it’s fun to play with interesting hooks over the top. I think it’s important to have a subject to it, I like to write about how I feel at the time and I hope people can relate to that.

The sound you achieve is always quite luxurious or ethereal, how would you describe it yourself?
Oh thank you, I love that. I would describe it as that but also vibey, soundscape, chill and Soultronix!

What are some of your biggest inspirations, musical or otherwise, to your work?
It’s quite diverse, I love Jazz & Soul like, Nina Simone, Erykah Badu and Dwele, but then I also listened to a lot of Hip Hop, so that inspired the beats!

Can you tell us something about yourself that we wouldn’t know?
I also DJ!

What next can we expect from RHEA?
My fanbase is really growing over in the US and I’ve got gigs coming up in LA very soon so I’m looking forward to that, I’ll also be dropping more material this year.

Check out RHEA’s latest track In the Night on Spotify below: